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  • qsand1us qsand1us Nov 9, 2007 5:28 PM Flag

    (((Beatniki licensed by LG ))))


    San Mateo, California� October 10th, 2007 � Beatnik, Inc., the leading provider of audio software solutions for mobile devices, today announced that the ((((Beatnik Audio Engine (BAE) has been licensed by LG Electronics Inc.)))) and is already shipping in their KS-10 mobile phone model. The Beatnik Audio Engine enables LG to provide high fidelity music synthesis and audio playback in their (((wireless products))) whilst supporting the key open standard file formats required in today�s multimedia-rich devices.

    ((("LG�s integration of the Beatnik Audio Engine with their latest mobile phones))) proves that there is a low-risk way to rapidly deliver to market the very latest audio capabilities in all types of handsets," said Gavin Bourne, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Beatnik. "By working together LG and Beatnik are taking a lead in enabling the best user experience of personalisation, music services and audio-enhanced applications in LG�s latest mobile phones."

    Beatnik has licensed its BAE technology to industry-leading wireless handset manufacturers and platform providers including Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, SAGEM and Freescale Semiconductor and has it�s software deployed in over half a billion devices globally.


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    • You need to get a life, basher. It is Friday late-night for you. I am sitting on a beach.

      The Beatnik news you linked was from October 10. QSND stated that QSND will have new LG models YESTERDAY.

      Again, LG is a big cell phone OEM. All cell phones will have a soft synth eventually. QSND is in LG because of the PLATFORMS. QSND has beaten Beatnik in all direct competitions regarding PLATFORMS:

      QSND royalties are expading dramatically and the CEO stated yesterday that they will continue expanding. I suggest to you that QSND's position as a 'standard' with the PLATFORM providers is a solid strategy. Beatnik? No problem. They were first, so they linger on.

      Basher, let me tell you what will happen. Between now and January you will write approximately 360 bash posts about QSND. I will respond with the truth. QSND royalties will expand. QSND will anounce new shipping PLATFORMS (ie. SUN). Your posting will not stop QSND. My typing speed will increase.

    • P)utbyour drink down spiggy and read the facts.

      Will QSND have some LG phones come out in the current quarter? The CEO is expecting this.

      Beatnik just announce the licensing agreement with LG. What will be release in the current quarter is already in the pipeline. What will happen with the QSND relationship after the current quarter is another story.

      Did QSND do a PR saying they signed a license agreement with LG? No!

      Did beatnik release a PR stating that Beatnik signed a license agreement with LG for PHONES? YES!!!

      Beatnik signing a licensing agreement with LG should make you scared.

      Didn't the CE stated in the 3rd quarter report that "The majority of the growth in FY2007 has come from the success of LG's Black Label Series of mobile phones which features microQ as its ringtone player."

      That was 2007. With Beatnik inking the agreement with LG, expect that to change in 2008.

    • Basher, changing IDs to laugh at us through your post does not "hurt" us.

      As mentioned before:

      1) QSND is on a PLATFORM supplying ALL the ke-xxx models. These are many models.

      2) QSND just announced more LG models coming this year.

      Regarding your "Chicken Little" bash-post: Beatnik only landed one model of a non-QSND phone. Hey... Good for them. It does not effect QSND at all. Matter of fact, it verifies that all phones will have soft-synths eventually. AND.... QSND has the PLATFORMS:

    • You are wrong basher, everyone knows that Beatnik went out of bussiness over a year ago and could not possible ink such a deal...hahahahahahaha I can't stand it any more hahahahahahaha this is way to funny!!!


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