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  • radag2 radag2 Mar 31, 2003 7:40 PM Flag

    Illegal US buyers take Canada's drugs

    Canadians are facing a shortage of drugs due to the large amount of drugs being shipped illegally out of the country by internet pharmacies. In addition the pharmacies have driven up the demand for pharmacists doubling the salaries and costing Canadians more. (Canadian pharmacists also make less than half of there US counterparts). Canadians are also worrying that new drugs will not be marketed in Canada to prevent cross border selling. today's WSJ

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    • Naaaa .... my house has wood floors and I don't use anything I can't spell. But I'll take one of those other things there going to use to replace you ... my last one broke ... and ran away. I think Grandma's whips and chains must have scared it.

      Say ... I do have a spot available on the "Southside Cotton/Lemon Picking Consortium " ... and I will make you a Team Leader (Grade 6) which pays $.05 lb premium ..... plus you get a "gold" lawn chair with beer cooler and optional two can drink hat.


    • Slower:

      When I do meet my probable fate of getting pushed out for some 23 year old hottie that they will pay 15,000 less than i make will you come in and buy carpeting or cell phone service from me ? I will be easy to spot. I will be the one with a sign saying "old pharma rep down on his luck"

    • And tune, you still havn't told me what margin isn't obscene and who should decide that.

    • <the answer of course is open the markets-take down these artificial barriers>

      I believe what GSK is trying to do is to make the gov't enforce the laws underwhich the decisions to sell were established. What you are asking is to take down the "artificial barriers" for the buyer but not for the seller.

      BTW If the product that Cosales bought his Paxil was through a reimport, does he get to sue GSK in US court. Do you suppose the damages that would be awarded in the US might be higher than Canada? Shouldn't that liability difference be reflected in the price GSK receives?

    • <<the answer of course is open the markets-take down these artificial barriers

      and let the market decide what is the approp price

      guess what -that is exactly what gsk is arguing AGAINST>>

      Actually, they're not. What you are suggesting would require the Canadian government to allow free market pricing. If it did, I'm sure GSK would be fine competing for true value. The fact that Canada requires an artificially low price is the reason for the dispute.

      I'm sure GSK would be fine in a free market, no barrier environment since the price would be set by the consumers who use the product based on the value they get from it.

    • the answer of course is open the markets-take down these artificial barriers

      and let the market decide what is the approp price

      guess what -that is exactly what gsk is arguing AGAINST

    • Nice response and in "normal" times it would apply.


      Have you noticed how most people tend to focus only on what impacts their lives and wallet. Their opinion and view is the only truth.

      Example>>> Question ..."Why are we in Iraq"?

      Because of a chemical this or that threat ... a crazed dictator? Its about 9/11 and protecting our family and life style ... is this true? No ... its not true ... but the public believes it is. The real truth is we are in the Middle East because of the "Kissinger Plan". Its all about "Oil and Control" .... control of Europe, Middle East, China, Korea. It will happen at our expense and cost us American lifes ... our kids and neighbors in the miltary.

      Its all about greed, money and power .... on a higher level or grander scale ... not plain old individual or personal greed .... sound familiar???


      Look at the big picture ... its not about GSK, Merck, BM or any single Big Pharma. Its about world events, industry trends, politcal relationships, wars, employment trends, interest rates, IMF, World Bank, G 7, Opec etc.

      Again, look for the auto industry (Ford 1st) to file bankruptcies in attempt to void union contracts and pension obligations. Look for Big Pharma to keep the high margins at expense of US employees. You will see product price reductions in the US, more mergers and massive lay offs and foreign out sourcing. Also, they will continue to recruit bright, young, verbally skilled, college students at "lower salaries" to replace over paid middle age sales reps like yourself. They will bring them in at a lower grade ... give you a weak "PDP" and your out the door just in time to greet the 3:00 PM bus to the state unemployment office.

      Good Luck!!!!

    • <they make an obscene amount >

      Tune - what margin should they make and who should make that decision?

    • Tune-

      Can you not understand that the only reason GSK agrees to sell to Canada at the lower price is BECAUSE it is illegal to reimport the drug. The law lead to the pricing decision. This was not price fixing this was a free market decision. If it weren't illegal to reimport, GSK would make the free market decision to not sell to Canada for such a low price.

    • Slower:

      I will not say that times are only going to be rosy but like many of the other industries you mentioned pharma has several advantges. Anyone who sells drugs as I do(not the kind your grandma grows behind her trailer)or takes them realizes there is an enormous amount of improvement that can be made. A recent poster pointed out the advanatges of SSRI;s over TCA's and MAOI's and at some point the side effects of SSRI's will be improved upon. Here are my top ten reasons in no particluar order why pharma will survive:

      10. high industry entry barriers
      9. room for drug improvement
      8. inability of government to make far reaching changes
      7. economic free market arguments
      6. drug industries ability to drive consumer demand
      5. aging/fatter population
      4. patent laws
      3. they do reduce costs of other health care areas
      2. genomics
      1. they hold the power in realtioships with insurers

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