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  • tfrph tfrph Nov 16, 2003 11:42 AM Flag


    Glaxo just recalled serevent from Canada. Nice try. Good way to keep Americans from going up there and cutting into the profits they make in the good ol US of A. Great to see Capatilism at work. To hell with sick people who are on a limited income.

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    • I have a question ... "sheeple effect" ... sheep people? Same thing as the old "herd" mentality and/or instinct?

      Thanks for the new expression ... I appreciate it.


    • quick_give_bush_a_drink quick_give_bush_a_drink Nov 21, 2003 10:00 AM Flag

      <<little Georgie and "Daddy" Bush along with Chaney, Rumsfeld and another bunch of goof balls are cooking the books concerning employment numbers>>
      careful IAS, dubya and these evil bastards might follow you to your favorite fishin hole for talkin too much truth.......
      scary times indeed, mainly due to the "sheeple" effect!

    • Slower:

      Thanks for the kinds words and I see that you have someone else to spar with.

      Regarding retiring from the new company, I caught myself the next day thinking about what I have to do to get my next job. I think that the mentality of hunkering down with one job/company is a poor way to manage your career since you will undoubtedly stagnate and limit skill growth by doing so.

      I hope things go well for you in your attacks on big pharma but creating legislation, which is often poorly written, will never be as efficient as letting the markets clear themselves with "good ole" competition. See how I worked in a redneck phrase for you. Good Luck

    • All kidding aside ...

      I hope you bettered yourself financially, career wise and work long enough to retire from the new company.

      I appreciated your comments, sense of humor and sparring talent.

      Again, good luck ... "Live long and prosper"!!!

      Your Friend,


    • Drugfollower-

      Shame, shame on yoou fore beiing succh a baad spellller.

      Yoare freend,


    • Drugfollower-

      Quit dabbling in your sample bag ... those pills are for the Doc.

      I shop at Wal-Mart all the time for fishing/hunting equipment ... sayyyyyyyy ... if I spot you at the lake ... I'll put a hook in your ass and reel you in ... use you as bait ... or a cushion. My 380 lbs would make you squeal like a pig.

      Yes, again you are correct ...the Wal-Mart statement concerned 15,000 people that applied for 300 jobs at a store in New York state and the 5,000 that applied for 300 jobs in a small Iowa town. The point of the message was ... little Georgie and "Daddy" Bush along with Chaney, Rumsfeld and another bunch of goof balls are cooking the books concerning employment numbers Canada has 8.3% and we have 6.1% unemployment????? George, "Daddy" Bush and his college cronies never had control of the economy or the War...the one that will now drag on for 50, 75 or 500 years with Moslems .... resulting in more American deaths ... many occuring on "our soil" and totally disrupt the entire American financial system and way of life.

      Also, the KFC is a money maker ... a real cash machine ... better then a McDonalds ... yes, you will catch me there deep frying and sampling Arkansas chicken. Next time your in Arkansas stop by a KFC tell them IAS sent you and get a free bucket of chicken.

      Have a great week!!


    • You got me. I apologize to the typo/spelling gods.

    • "high cholesteral?"

      You must have to work doubly hard as a salesperson since you can't spell cholesterol.

    • Aren't you the same poster who complained of walmart and their employment practices not too long ago ?

      Thanks for letting me know that "daddy" knew someone important and that helped you along in life.

      BTW if you set up a web cast I would be first in line to watch an overweight older woman plough down a bucket of kfc.

      With your diet, obesity and age I am betting that you have hypertension, high cholesteral, CAD, and are at least pre diabetic. I am guessing 3 to 4 meds per month right now with the chance that that number will move to 6 within the next two years. As a shareholder I thank you but these problems (and costs) are brought on by no one but yourself. Thanks for making my argument for me.

    • Hello Buffin,

      It has been a year or two since I have posted on this message board for several reasons. First, the overall market has been and continues to be a personal nightmare for me...Second, I have very little to contribute since I have lost total interest in investing and for that matter, the companies that I continue to have major losing positions in. Third, my investment in GSK is down to 500 shares of which I have a Jan 05 $40 covered call on. I sold this covered call almost a year ago when the stock was stuck in the high 30's. At that time I had no interest in holding GSK stock any longer...Too many years of stagnation is not my cup of tea. It is now only a matter of time before my last remaining shares will be pulled away at the $40 strike price. I am fine with that. I also have no desire to ever own stock in this company again. Again, too many years of stagnation and disappointment.

      I want to wish you the best of luck. You are indeed the reason why most folks even stop to read this message board.

      Even the Bears are too depressing this year, and what about those Cubs...the ultimate disappointment.

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