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  • nyminnow nyminnow May 6, 2010 8:42 AM Flag

    Safety of Cervarix - FDA/Merck/GSK eating their words?

    "There is a clear pattern from many countries, of girls suffering from the same side effects and yet up to now this fact has not been picked up, by either the committees who regulate our vaccines, or the Governments who sanction them. More worryingly the six women found that there were a huge number of deaths recorded on VAERS after HPV vaccines.

    VAERS is the reporting system used in the USA for adverse events that happen after vaccination.

    Strangely however, the system does not appear to be examined in great detail by the either Big Pharma or the Government and many adverse events are not even recorded at all, as it has now been discovered that some doctors are completely unaware of it’s existence."

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    • Many children (and even some adults) do not have the immune system required to deal with some vaccines. IMO the biggest assault to the health of most people in this country was when mother's milk was replaced with canned milk and Karo syrup. Even baby formula doesn't compare to mother's milk. A study in England determined that those raised on raw cow's milk faired much better than those who were raised on pasteurized cow's milk for allergies. The thymus is much smaller in children who are given formula compared to those who are given mother's milk. In addition, the effects of poor nutrition accumulate from generation to generation.

      Giving a vaccine to someone who has an undeveloped or compromised immune system is not only ineffective, it can even be dangerous. Having said that, vaccines have been instrumental in greatly reducing some diseases, but seem to work best when everything is in place.

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      • Interesting remarks ... I have read that unpasteurized milk and even camel's milk is much healthier than what's in our grocery stores. I think vaccinations COULD be made much safer if they explore delivery systems that are different than what is currently available. That said, it's also important for doctors to look at an individual's health rather than just vaccinate willy-nilly. This is currently NOT done. There are people who are unknowingly anemic and those that have genetic deficiencies. They are rarely tested. A vaccine could be detrimental and even life-threatening to those individuals. At the very least, vaccines should be followed up by vitamin D (glutathione).

        Unfortunately, I've heard stories of hundreds of children being vaccinated while they're ill ... do doctors not realize that this creates more undo stress on their already compromised bodies? The average individual knows this ... isn't this the doctor's job!? Look up oxidative stress. Vaccines are meant to cause this ... but look at the trauma that can result.

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