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    TO Whom may Be Interested

    Good place to check your stocks would be

    However, they only allow 3 freebees a day....

    very extensive research.

    will do Glaxco to night


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    • Thank you for the info
      will be going into town after my swim this morning and buy the book you mentioned.. ML.

      All my stocks down to day.......

      Will be buying some more Glx then for my G.Daughter who is 9 years old. So do have a few years left.

      Trying to sell real estate here want to come back to the mainland. It is beautiful, no doubt. As I look out the window trees all around and birds flitting here and there and only now and then does one hear the noise of the world as we know it by the occasional car zooming by.

      GrandMa nearly dead ..... Ha you sure...... made your feelings known....
      and Yes will make Eisner some more dollars but I know we will also be heading to Knotts berry Farm.

      See you

      Go Glx.......up.

    • GLX is a good co. In my opinion $ invested in it should appreciate at a clip of >10% in the long run. If the portfolio
      for G'Children is for a span of more than 10 yrs, you made the right choice. Stay in it by all means. Don't worry about
      fluctuation, sooth sayers, shorts & nuts. However if you have G'Children needing money for yr 98 or 99 Aug, Stock market is not the right
      place! Buy bonds, certificates that will give you a gain of >5.5%. Please don't misunderstand my input! As for me when I get rid
      of some of the junk stocks I have I will buy some GLX & JNJ. Sucralose (JNJ) will have a great future!

      Glad meeting with ML was informative. They have a small paper bound book on almost everything on stocktrading. In general,
      no one is expected to know everything. Refer that book when ever you have doubts. If you are an new investor ML is the right
      place to be. However, if you are a trader ML Commission and their "Shipping & Handling" charges will crimb your activities. My
      Acct. Exe was a young GOPer. Red neck and all! Tried to make me a GOPer too! My heart was set up on liberal ways. During 1987
      crash I was located in mid west and got thro to him every time, during the critical hrs. Worked with ML for nearly 18yrs.

      Birds of the same feather flock together! Since your friends have homes every where, you too must be owning lot of properties. I hate realestate. Want to sell my 3 Bd Rm home & move into a condo. Unlike rest of Bay area Hayward has not appreciated in value.

      Have a good time in LA. Visit w Micky & Minny. Eisner wants more money. You need to go to Washington DC if you wish to see Goofy Dicky Armey! Also Papa Bear Barr! As woody woody pecker would say "That is all folks."

    • I purchased when it was $55 and something.... So now have lost......

      Was thinking of buying some stocks for my grand daughters might wait till it goes down to $50

      so long and thanks again

    • If one were to look at the GLX chart current price has come to the pre "Merger" trend. May be Glx will drop to 50. With all the money GLX has in their "booty" they will go and grab someone like they did to Burroughs Welcome!
      I think SBH will wait for good price and "Respect". Foolish pride! They have established the fact that they or on the block! It is like a guy walking upto a girl sitting at the bar tool and offering $10K and asking ..... (Censored by Puritans & Starr!)
      Heard ZEN got licence for another drug. (Lehman Research Report!) May be I am foolishly waiting for price to drop to low 30s! Regards.

    • How did this message board turn into a chatline. I would like to be updated on information about GLX.

    • In the and commentary in the "world Market News" London Market it said that SBH reported first quarter earning and said "It did not need merger..." The GLX stock as I said was down today & SBH was the highest in volume in London. ZEN was down also. I will be surprized if the Stock stayed at this level. Good short SBH & GLX for a short time. These stocks will go back to its premerger talk level. What do you think.

    • Thank you for sharing your visit with your family. Have some friends in SanJose too. Seems this couple comes over to this island every year for 3 to 4 months. They have a small house here and when they leave they border it all up. Seems they have another weekend house up at Lake Tahoe as well.

      I will be of to LA in a couple of weeks as well to visit with my grand children. I have a little grandson who will be 1 year old.
      Just can't wait to get of island..

      Have that island fever again. Need to get of this rock at least 4 times a year.

      Thank you for explaining the me

      Yesterday went to our Merril Lynch office and had one of the brokers or investment persons explain the options to me

      so you can go into them....... long or short. That I did not know either. He told me how risky this is. 80%or 90% people lose there money and only the few make that good gain.

      I read in Investors Business Daily..... the Upgrades..

      near -term buy from accumulate

      what in fact does this mean.........

      Near- term buy.........???????

      2 market outperform from market perform

      in other words doing better right??????

      3 buy from market perform

      4 strong buy from outperform

      5 Pfizer was raised to an attractrive from neutral

      6. short term buy from hold and kept as a long term hold

      I know the english definition of these words but what do they mean in investing JARGON???

      I mean the bottom line is you either hold
      sell or buy.........

      I see Zen down a little more..... what do you feel would be a good bottom on this one?????

      Do not have a lot of spare cash.

    • Selling Short: It is essentially borrowing stocks (from brokers)that you consider appreciated beyond your expectations and
      selling it. The borrower waits for the price to drop to buy back & replenish the stock to the broker. In the interim the borrower
      pays interest and has a "ball" when cashing in on the successful two step trade. Just like Call & put options one needs to have
      pre approval from the brokerage house. In CA the state has set up certain financial stability requirements before brokerage
      houses will allow investors to participate in these trades. I saw a posting from Jagdish and he seems to be conversent with this. I
      do not own ZEN but I do remember Jagdish recommendation that ZEN will be a good candidate for Shorts! Since then the stock
      dropped from 49 to 43. (Post split) Seems to be a good call now and certainly this stock is volatile. I will wait for ZEN to come
      down some more before I would invest. As the saying goes, "Successful doctors should have lot of patien(ts)ce.

      DCLK: Don't follow. IPO, ads, financial etc. There are other fishes down the stream! IPOs are dangerous. To make money in IPO one has to be a founder member, Venture capitaliset or favourite clients of the offering institution. I am none of the above.

      ML: Merrill Lynch. Couldn't afford. They have a shipping and handling charge of $5.85 for notification when you buy/sell thro them. With another $2.00 you could trade thro internet.

      Yahoo, Iomega: Do not own them. Yahoo has climbed w/o showing much of an earning, yet. Has definitly demonstrated the potential.

      T, LU: Break up of T gave me NCR & LU. NCR bought back the small stock I inherited. Saving LU & T.

      My niece had a daughter last year and the baby turned one year on sat. Has turned over then to crawl and now has started
      standing up. Babbles sweet nothing and I spent the weekend with her and other well wishers. She recognises me when ever I visit her
      in San Jose. Doll! She might end up as the president of USA. Ha! Takes time. Building a good portfolio also takes time! As for
      me I started dabbling in stocks in 1978. Lost my job in 1996 and the stocks alone is able to support me. Given time and
      patience you too will build your wealth. Don't cut corners and get carried away w any get rich quick scheme! Rgds.

    • SBH appreciated due to behind the seen merger talk with two cos. AS such I feel these 3 cos are still in merger mania. If I
      am not mistaken SBH did come out with good earning after starting talk with GLX and as such the appreciation in price was due
      to improved fundamentals as well. Personally I do not Short! I follow the saying, "Things are goinng to get better!" of 70s. I
      feel it is good to keep thinking long on GLX and if one were to short SBH they have to be satisfied with price drop of < $5.0.
      That is not bad for traders! May not go down to $40. IMO.

    • I partially agree with you. May be what you can suggest to the people who post in this thread to state GLX issues first and then give a sub heading "Off Topic" and state what else is in their mind. That way serious GLX people can skip to "NEXT"! All business and no fun will make everyone DUDs!

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