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  • EVAK_Inc EVAK_Inc Aug 16, 1998 9:18 PM Flag

    who is GLX merging with ???

    GLX trading was haulted until information on merger is

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    • Market sure looks gloomy! As a matter of fact Bay
      area has been cooler and cloudy for the past three

      It seems Japanese do not want to do anything! They
      show as if they are taking a step forward then their
      opposition party pulls them back two steps!

      are making a minor change over! More Green? Sure
      doesn't look like teh green $ we are all looking for!
      Will it be +ve?

      British do not want to take any
      lead! French want to pull the rug from under of any one
      trying to lead!

      We are letting the economy drift!
      Big Al feels that supporting economy means seeing to
      it that the big investors are up on their feet while
      he catches few ZZZs! Is it time for Big Al to move
      on? Clinton will muddle thro for next two

      In Far east old coots are willing to go to any level
      to hang on to power!

      Where will the lead come

      Heard XYLX is having a good time!

      Today is the
      birthday of Gandhi, Lal Bahadur Shastri and a friend of
      mine I haven't seen for 12 yrs! Things are passing

      Have a good day. I will go for a loooooong walk!

    • I do not know how Goldman can down grade a Co on
      anticipated earnings of new products that have not yet hit
      the market. That too drugs which can be very
      effective on general public! Asthma, Liver Disorder Etc. I
      read somewhere that GLX will be announcing new
      products @ a San Diego meeting! That should give an up
      lift even w Goldman trying to tug it down! They have
      some AIDS drug. However I do not expect these drugs to
      pull in great earnings. I have noticed GLX doing
      pretty good after GLXO closes in London. Any how I am
      waiting for 65 -70 to get out. Todays action will make me
      wait little longer!

      Will effects of "Georges"
      hit you in Michican? When I was in NC we used to get
      hit during late summer. Take care.

    • Goldman Sach cuts earning estimate and Downgrades GLX to hold.

    • Here in Bay area we say that! We were down a
      little over 150 but have come back.

      I do agree
      Tokyo can give uplift to the market by doing something
      good for others. All they seem to be interested is
      having a higher Trade surplus. At any cost? In so doing
      they are slowly going into deep recession. If they are
      less selfish then they will help themselves and other

      I was disgusted watching few mins of Starr
      inquisition! Even Nazis did not bring these many Gestapo
      agents during 1930s! Don't know how far this Congress
      will go to degrade us. Clinton did handle himself
      well. Impeachment; No way! Divorce filed by Hillary and
      Chelsea? Ya! I will celebrate! Even give some money for
      charity! Clinton deserves that! He did not respect his own
      family! In his own home? That is all the politics for the

      Heard COMS will be coming w good earning this week. But
      I am not in it!

    • As I indicated in my msg 618 its going to be
      drastic down opening because the Tokyo mkt does not like
      the savage financial agreement. This is a calm before
      the storm.....GLXO in UK is down by 25p but could go
      down if there is no major announcements. Good Luck.
      BUT I am still keeping mine.HAVE A NICE DAY...

    • Congress has not done anything on health bill for
      unemployed people. I am in the same age self payer health
      insurance group. In the past two yrs the rate for our
      unwanted group has jumbed close to 100%. They rejected one
      payments to the hospital and I had to pay out of pocket.
      Only thing I did was to increase copayment and thus
      reduce my monthly payment increase to 60% in 24 months!

    • Listening to U.K. news. So far no rumors on GLXO.
      They do think the U.S. is a little touched in the
      head, when it comes to sex and politicians. We can't
      handle a sex scandal. The real scandal in D.C. is, that
      the congress put off the people's business till the
      very last moment. Now they are too busy with this and
      running for office to do their jobs. If we start with
      Clinton, lets go the whole way down the list to see who is
      moral enough to stay on the job. D.C. will become a
      ghost town. Frankly I don't care. Besides the IRS
      legislation, what have they done? NOTHING. Fix Social
      Security, we're not getting any younger here.

    • the merger was announced on a Friday, right after the market closed. Stop spreading your b.s. please.

    • my source is 50% effective on his news now. i am
      hoping that an announcement will be made on monday
      morning. when they annouced the merger plans with
      smithkline, it was on monday. this would make him 100%, just
      a day late

    • so where is this great news announcment

      looks like the get together in nc was no big deal

      Anyone have news?


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