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  • GO_Here4Mrkt_Direction GO_Here4Mrkt_Direction Jun 12, 1999 10:53 PM Flag

    IN-DEPTH Mrkt Technicals...@

    Get more out of trading then read on!
    This is
    what I've learned, trading is a mathematical art and
    science that is governed by psychology. It isn't chance
    and happenstance. Making great trades will not happen
    unless you make it happen. If this sounds like a promo,
    you're right, because this is my experience! Solid
    technical analysis is the key to smart trading! Cynicism
    comes from pessimism, which is a result of failure. Is
    this a description of your trading psychology?

    There are absolute proven techniques for trading
    success and there is only one true way to trade with
    repetitive success. That way is system trading. Every great
    trader in the market today trades a system, and all
    great systems are technically based. Market movements
    are geometric in nature, which makes them
    mathematically harmonic and identifiable with technical
    analysis. Having access to world class technical analysis
    and trading systems, and then properly applying them
    with discipline, can be the key to your trading
    success like it was for me.

    You can take your
    trading to a higher level! You deserve to discover a
    remarkable service that has changed my trading and
    understanding of the market forever;
    Trading with their market analysis and using the buy/sell
    signals produced by their technical trading system on
    specific stocks, has clearly catapulted my trading to
    levels of profitability that previously I only dreamed
    of. And the greatest part is they provide it all for
    you. I believe they will set a new standard for online
    stock market trading systems & services. I'll never
    waste my time and money on hap hazard "stock picking"
    and chasing the trade again!!
    Now go make the
    right call!

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