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  • searchlight1942 searchlight1942 Feb 22, 2000 8:08 PM Flag

    Foo Fighters do benefit 4 Aliveandwell

    was the recipient of an AIDS ALTERNITIVE CONCERT
    recently. go check it out. Look on the Foo Fighters website
    too. THis movement is growing. Your shares are
    slipping. Get out now. Wash your hands of such a
    dishonorable company. AZT, and COMBIVIR KILLS HEALTHY,
    ASYMPTOMATIC PEOPLE. GLX is responsible for turning good,
    happy, funny, loving, real people into CORPSES.

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    • That has to be one of the most heartfelt messages
      on these boards I have seen. Unfortunately, I
      believe the person you are addressing is
      Stark...Raving...Mad. I hope he/she lives far away from anyone I care

    • SearchLight...This is my last post directed
      towards you...I refuse to continue to be fuel for your

      If you have in-door plumbing and
      electricity and own your own a TV set,..I believe last Friday
      nights Nightline, which was devoted to AIDS IN AFRICA
      may continue with chapter 2 or 3 this coming Friday
      night. You may also be able to contact NBC and get the
      transcript from last week�s documentary. See the truth...and
      Learn....and please don't respond to this message. I refuse to
      continue to debate this with you. AIDS is real, and so
      unfortunately are you. I cannot ignore AIDS, but I can ignore

    • Jenny you say <<and I have no illusions as
      to my (limited) future, but I do like my

      If being a secretary makes you happy stay with it;
      however, IMHO, you probably can do whatever you want to
      do. Why not reach for the stars, I think, you'll be
      amazed at what you'll be able to achieve...Go for it

    • Amen!!! You go, girl!!!!

    • All I can say is, "well said"!

    • Dear Searchlight

      I have had a bit of a
      struggle with myself as to whether I should answer you
      since I read your response 3 days ago.
      This board
      is not for personal confrontation, it is a financial
      board. Your differences with me is actually of no
      relevance to this board, and therefore I'll not post any
      further messages to you here. If you want to answer, you
      can reach me at:
      However, as
      you answered my mail; here is my final response to
      you on this board.
      I was very hurt by your
      response as to me introducing myself�I tried to make the
      point that I'm not a financial/medical guru�I am a
      secretary, working in Africa�.and you ridiculed me for it by
      referring to it as "pathetic" and my "ass kissing
      job"��that really hurt.
      I do the best I can�.and I have
      no illusions as to my (limited) future, but I do
      like my job.
      With regards to your message of 9/3�I
      am not British, and I am not a snob, and I am not
      "intensely depressed". I would like to think that the job
      does not give identity to me, but that I give identity
      to the job.
      I also note your reference to "white
      AIDS people" and "no toilet paper for god's sake"�you
      affirm what I suspected as stated in my previous
      message, apparently the reference to the KKK does hold
      You mention that I use the word "redundant"
      incorrectly�..I dispute that�.but do you realize that you made 12
      spelling errors in your reply?
      You state that there is
      no testing in Africa�.that is not correct�we use the
      ELISA test, backed up by the Western blot�same as in
      the USA. By the way�.do you deny the existence of the
      common cold, that is really a condition that does not
      have a test to prove its existence?. You are saying�if
      there is no test�it does not exists�the plague�killed
      one third of humanity over a 300 year period�. and at
      that stage there was no test to find it�so it did not
      You state that I'm making an ass of myself in front
      of everybody�. Please let me remind you�
      Schopenhauer said�."If an ass (and he meant donkey) looks into
      the mirror, you cannot expect an apostle to look
      back" If I made an ass of myself; then at least I did
      it honestly; but from the responses I got maybe not
      all on this board saw it that way.
      You mention
      that the Piltdown man "has nothing to do with it" �I
      used it as an example of what we are capable of in
      regulating ourselves.
      Let me give you one final
      quote�..also more than 2000 years old:
      "Of the bedazzlement
      of the eyes there are two kinds; the first occurs
      when a person comes from the light into a dark room;
      the second when he emerges from darkness into the
      light; to the uninitiated the two conditions appear the
      same; do not judge for only the wise can tell the

      My poor Searchlight�I think the light is scaring


    • We were all scared. AIDS was the end of the
      world. The feeling was at the time: "Are you gonna sit
      around for three years while the who world is infected
      and dies for the results to some STUDY?!?!?"
      was an unusual time in history, that time from
      1984-1986. TERROR was palpable. Rules get abandoned in times
      of extreme terror. In the terror after the bombing
      at Pearl harbor, Franklin Roosevelt signed executive
      order 9066, evacuating all persons of japanese
      ancestory form the west coast of the United States. When
      people are scared, they do bad things. Its

      But now is the time to realize that we
      made a big mistake. Specificaly, it was teh FDA which
      is responsible. If it wasnt GLX i'm sure some other
      company would have been the first. Most other companies
      saw how GLX got over and lined up with THIER very
      similar drugs, and got similar approval. Only recently,
      in November of 1999 did teh FDA finally reject an
      HIV drug due to insufficient and sloppy data: Gilead
      was rejected even though none other than Harold Jaffe
      was leading the charge for thier drug. I was VERY
      ENCOURAGED at that. I see it as a turning point in the
      battle of AIDS.

      As for the invisible microbe, I
      still say it is invisible because there is still no
      test which finds it, not any HIV antibody test, nor
      the RNA PCR. There has been no "isolation" according
      to long accepted rules for establishing the
      existence of new microbes. This includes an Electron
      micrograph, or "EM" of a purified sample. If it is budding,
      it is not purified.
      There is still no animal
      model for infection.
      There is still no mechanism
      for cell death.
      There is still no
      There is still no prediction made by the orthodoxy
      which has come true.
      AIDS was a sociological

      Lat nights NIGHTLINE on ABC was an
      example of AIDS PLAGUE TERROR reporting. Last NIGHT! we
      were all told that "Africa is being devastated by
      AIDS". Dave Marash said "As AIDS eliminates perhaps a
      third of its adult generation.." the word "as" is a
      PRESENT TENSE WORD. That means that 33.3% of Zimbabwes
      populatin IS DYING! THE APOCALYPSE is NOW!!! Yet, he never
      states his sources, never tells us HOW those statistics
      were created, nothing. Just ACCEPT IT, you dumb
      Americans. I AM ABC!!! BOW DOWN BEFORE ME AND

      Its been 20 years now that weve been hearing this
      scafe tactic crap, and NONE of the predictins have ever
      come close to being even a tiny bit true.

      then do we hear such stories?


      Alot of Americans feel that
      nature is a threat, something to be controlled. Africa
      is nature. Sex is nature. Alot of people believe:
      "The black man needs us--the smart white man to guide
      his poor dumb ass so he can be civilized like us."
      This is called PATERNALISM. or "White mans burden".
      These people are not going to be happy until EVERYBODY
      repressed, like all sexually abused, need to pass on to the
      next generation of all the SEXUAL REPRESSION they
      learned. This is called the CYCLE OF ABUSE.

      It is
      not a medical phenomenon. Its a social one.

    • It is fine to believe whatever you want. This is
      a free country. But to focus time and energy
      posting your ridiculous views on this board is absolute
      lunacy. I hate guns, but you won't find me looking up
      Smith and Wesson's investment message board posting my
      views. Do you know why?....because these are investment
      boards...You're in dire need of serious help. Do something useful
      for society. Instead of the 3 hours you spend a week
      writing on this board, go see a shrink.

    • "as if some invisible microbe killed

      I told you to go and see the invisible bug for
      yourself in the magazine and go away.

      The label, no
      clinical studies done, means that most of the studies were
      done with separate pills of 3TC and AZT, not as one
      pill of combivir. Other supporting PK studies must
      have been done with combivir pill, as I understand.
      Glaxo is not so great as you think to get a drug
      approved without clinical studies.

    • They're killing people with Rezulin and just got caught lying about their clinical trials.

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