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  • philipswallowflip philipswallowflip Mar 26, 2009 4:31 PM Flag

    Hi guys, flip here

    Been in solar for a while, and it paid off big today. Check out the following:


    After missing the financial rally, I am glad to see I was blessed with success in solars.


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    • you are completely right.

      Every time this POS stock with dishonest management goes up, a vast group of hedge funds short this again and again.

      3 dollars would not surprise me for LDK.

      Amateurs and newbies who mention LDK in the same sentence of quality solar names like SPWRA STP FSLR show those in the know, that they know nothing about the chinese solar sectors.

      And just how different they are as far as quality.

      For instance SOLR has been getting pumped but I would not even buy 100 shares of that pos. Nothing I can find on the entire web gives me a reason to think that is a good stock. Why should I spread money over every single solar stock, when it would be smarter to get more shares of the highest quality stocks.

      FSLR= I can't get enough shares to make it worth it.

      Jaso and eslr don't seem to have any real financial backing

      STP and SPWRA have the best quality, management, product, patents and Sunpower is located in the heart of Slicon Valley (read the article about solar and Obama in Rolling Stone magazine.)

      Some of the other small solars are like a lottery scratch off in my opinion.

      I am just trying to figure out if I should put the remainder of my money in SPWRA STP or PALM.

      Palm when the pre is a hit and with the exclusive contract from telefonica (United Kingdlom, Europe , Spain.)

      Palm will break its 52 week high tomorrow and then seriously liftoff from their.

      STP and SPWRA will lift off north tomorrow as well.

      Mutual Fund and Hedge Fund accumulation!

      Zolt should pull back like usual because SOLARS ALWAYS RUN LIKE CRAZY 2 or 3 weeks in a row, sometimes 3 in a half or 4 weeks, so picture solars running from tomorrow on for the next 3 or 4 weeks.

      Pull up a 5 day and 3 month chart for the whole story.

    • "Not at all . It will be adjusted as it has been in the past. More money will have to be put into it"

      Absolutely correct, scott. It's all about priorities. We would never speak about the Pentagon as "bankrupt", "insolvent", or "going to run out of money". We just find the money to keep upping the budget. Social Security is MORE important. Private pensions are in hock. 401K's are plummetting. Priorities.

      The cons have used the trust fund established in '83 as a way of scaring people. They have consistently misrepresented the exhaustion of the surplus trust fund with Social Security overall. Thus you end up with the idiot minions like poofy screaming "Social Security will be broke!". Over the next hundred years Social Security will collect in the neighborhood of 100 TRILLION DOLLARS. It's going to be quite a trick if it "runs out of money" in that scenario.

    • scott2536@sbcglobal.net scott2536 Apr 1, 2009 5:06 PM Flag

      ""This simply contradicts your own posts, scott. You site how SS is in dire financial straits, the "trust fund" is being depleted, but then you say it will survive and continue!""

      Not at all . It will be adjusted as it has been in the past. More money will have to be put into it.

      Its going to cost more to "adjust " it this time because it has not been addressed since Republicans came into power,because they wanted it to get so far behind that they could kill it.

      Bush tried to privatize it. If he had been successful can you immagine what it would look like right now.

    • Hey poofy, thanks for the link. Can you explain this...?

      poofy, last night:

      "That's because SS is known as a "pay as you go system. That was true UNTIL THE EARLY '80's when the trust fund came into being"

      poofy's link:

      "Social Security is largely a "pay-as-you-go" system with today's taxpayers paying for the benefits of today's retirees"

      Well, poofy has learned how to provide a link. Now all he has to do is learn how to read.

    • <<You cannot deny the money that people have put in in good faith for 40-50 years. >>
      Exactly my point. The rules cannot and WILL NOT be changed in the middle of the game.
      <<But SS has survived and will continue.>>
      This simply contradicts your own posts, scott. You site how SS is in dire financial straits, the "trust fund" is being depleted, but then you say it will survive and continue! That's like saying, "there's a train coming, it's bearing down on me, I'm standing on the tracks, but it's not going to hit me."
      Here's another good reference that will give you an inkling of how bad the problem is because it is SSA admitting there is a problem. The only misleading thing about it is their 2041 date is ridiculous:
      Remember, the government always paints too rosy a picture where its programs are concerned - and usually by a wide margin.
      As for the "third rail" - it's a third rail for EVERYBODY - Reps and Dems alike. Republicans have fought for many years to try to save this mess - but with SS, no good deed goes unpunished. You think if the Dems try to touch it they will be immune?! Do you think voters will say, sure, cut my benefits, raise my taxes, extend my retirement age as long as it's a Democrap that's doing it?!!! HA!!!

    • "It would be a shame if people could no long be supported in the manner to which their government has gotten them accustomed"

      It would actually be funny if you could no longer be supported in the manner in which your parents have gotten you accustomed.

      Can anyone imagine what it would look like if poofy actually had to go out and get a job? If you thought Bush was lame cutting down twigs of his "ranch", just think about what poofy would look like putting in a hard 8 hours a day.

    • <<Stating that SS was never intended to be anyones sole source of retirement funds is a worthless statement .>>
      No ... it's a fact.
      <<Intended or not ,it is a significant portion of most peoples retirement and for some people it is all they have.>>
      Don't disagree with that.
      <<it will be more expensive to support them if they fall off the edge.>>
      Would need a link to support that, scott.
      <<We could see the resurgence of County poor farms.>>
      It would be a shame if people could no long be supported in the manner to which their government has gotten them accustomed.

    • <<I dissagree with your Ponzi Scheme discription. A Ponzi is a business that is designed to embezle money from investors.>>
      What I posted is the definition of a Ponzi scheme, not my words. Sorry, the shoe fits.
      <<and will continue with adjustments, as in the past.>>
      That's a denial of what you just posted! Take your head out of the sand. Unless the "adjustments" are draconian, it is going to fail and in (relatively) short order.
      <<The problem is that neither party wants to stop siphoning cash off for general revenue. >>
      There you go. You got it. That is why President Bush's private accounts were, are, and will continue to be a good idea (and maybe the only solution).

    • <<Social Security is not insolvent.>>
      I'm not got to argue the semantics of that.
      <<The trust gets treasury bonds in return>>
      Study your own words. This is commonly known as "robbing Peter to pay Paul". Now, reference one of my first posts that says your part of the SS trust fund is nothing more than a number on a piece of paper. An IOU.
      <<This will allow the trust to meet obligations until 2018-2022.At that point they will be insolvent. This will never happen because it is politicly impossible to cut off the income of most of the retired people in the US.They all vote.>>
      Thanks for making my point. BTW, 2018 is an eye-blink.
      <<We will be in trouble before 2018 because when the monthly surplus ends the govt will not be able to borrow from the trust.And will have to pay into it by honoring treasury bonds. If treasuries are not honored they will become worthless around the world. >>
      At the rate we're going, that will probably happen before 2018 anyway.

    • "This will allow the trust to meet obligations until 2018-2022. At that point they will be insolvent"

      Scott, not quite.

      It is estimated that 2017 is the year that Social Security starts paying more in benefits than it collects in taxes. AT THAT POINT the trust fund will begin to be tapped to make up the shortfall. For the next 24 years after that all scheduled benefits will be paid in full. It is not until 2041 (estimated) that the surplus Trust Fund will be exhausted. At that point, if nothing is done to address the problem in the meantime, Social Security will only be collecting enough taxes to pay 78 cents for every dollar of scheduled benefits. There will be no insolvency. Certainly no one is going to be hauling Social Security into bankruptcy court. Social Security taxes will still be collected. In fact by that time it is estimated that Social Security will be collecting approximately a TRILLION DOLLARS A YEAR in taxes for the program. That is why the poofy and eye babble about Social Security running out of money is so amazingly comical. Those two idiots should have their own freak show booth at the circus. "Step right up and see the Original Dumb and Dumber!"

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