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  • flipwilson728 flipwilson728 Oct 24, 2012 9:49 AM Flag

    November 7

    Quit drinking Zoltek's CEO Kool Aid, you will end up like Jimmy Jones,

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    • It continues to amaze me how people who supposedly are of average intelligence continue to look at history and lie to themselves about what happened.....4 years ago, losing 700,000 jobs a month, terrorism on our doorstep, facing the second big depression, Wall Street cheating and stealing us blind, the Dow at 6,000 and fading, unapproved and unfunded war in multiple countries, the U.S. auto industry in shambles, the housing market collapsing and foreclosures galore and yet people continue to argue for more of that....Just another example of the reason the country is in trouble....We need a vaccine to eradicate stupidity....Now who is drinking kool-aid you goober? BTW, Jim Jones was a registered Republican

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      • Daddy. you old Man, please stay focused, I know you want to talk politics but you are responding to a Zolt comment.

        I bet you get all "bent of of shape" see your investment go down in flames. You have to be frustrated with your investment as with all Zolt shareholders are. This stock is not for the faint of heart.

        So, let's get off the attack Bush for everything that's wrong and get you focused on talking facts about this stock, but I do not want to hear about this company's "pipe dreams" we have all been hearingfor so many years, but the actual facts and actual new contracts and the actual progress made.

        Damn, I would hate to be your wife, I bet you kick her everyday when your upset about your Zolt inverstment

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