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  • bohnts1949 bohnts1949 Feb 4, 2013 10:28 AM Flag

    Carbon Fiber

    If the auto, boat, trains and planes would get into a full fledged approach to using carbon fiber this stock would go through the roof. But, we still have groups like the Motely FOOLS betting it to death.
    Stronger, lighter how could it lose. Wake up America! The government needs to take a stronger stand at carbon fiber instead of destroying our gun rights, legalizing immigration, and taxing us to death.

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    • You got to be kidding me,now you liberals want the government to require manufacturers to use carbon fiber.

      I gotta say, I have now heard it all now, LOL. You have to have a strong customer value proposition and substantial cost savings for any company to use this expensive stuff.

      I have followed this company since 1996 and the message is still the same, with little postive results. Management staff keeps leaving for some reason, who knows. Investors have lost millions over the 15 + years buying into the CEO's vision, thinking that the floodgates for CF usage are just about to open big time and they never do.

      The vision for CF usage is great and I must say, exciting but it is away ahead of it's time. Auto usage is still 10 + years away, I remember this segment was promoted 13 years ago as an up and coming sector just about to explode, it didn't.

      Airplane brake pads is the only thing keeping this company afloat, Wind energy is another fad that will eventually go away as the tax breaks will be eliminated for good in 2014. You cannot artifically support a major industry with government support.

      Natural gas is the big threat to wind energy and this is what is going to replace wind very soon as the costs are soo low. This industry is going to open thousands of new jobs in the USA and drive down manufacturers energy costs down where they can compete globally with many products.

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      • Zolt right here is worth at least $15 and the shorts are only going to be drag along for the ride. It is really hard to figure out why doesn't GE and Zolt get together here. The two companies really need each other pretty badly. What do I know.

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      • Natural gas needs to be stored in reinforced tanks, many of which will be reinforced by lightweight and strong carbon fiber. Cars need to reach CAFE standards of 35-40 MPG. The best way ti do that other than sacrificing performance is to reduce the weight of cars, like they do in racing. CF is the answer there.

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      • natural gas price is not going to stay as cheap as it is for now,once nat gas will be more diversaly used in other industries and terminals will be ready to export the price will rise and should at least reach 7 or 8 usd/mbtu to avarage down discripancy in international prices(Japan imports at over 15usd,Europe more than 10usd) ,most gas producers make a loss at current prices,this is not going to last forever.Altough,the cheapest energy producer is still nuclear power and when nat gas soars it will be coal again to become cheaper than nat gas.
        ZOLT is a small company in a niche with lots of futur potential and after having bottomed soon at maybe -5 usd ,will evenyually break out again to at least 30usd induced by a move wich will not last again because of its cyclical carracter.A potential 10 bagger when it happens.

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    • If it so strong and light, why can't it be used for girders for skyscrapers and for bridges?