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  • dadufuss dadufuss Mar 6, 2013 11:20 AM Flag

    Simple Math

    Zsolt Rumy owns over 6 Million shares...Directors own shares......If Quinn holds 10% of outstanding shares that would be about 3 Million shares....Unless the Quinn group can get other fund managers to join their effort to dethrone the Board and replace with their people it can't happen because Rumy has the votes to block....If enough institutional shareholders agree with Quinn they could force Zsolt and the Board out but individually none of them have the strength to overthrow the current majority owner...Zsolt Rumy....The best case senario is for Quinn and Rumy to get together and make an effort to enhance shareholder value while strengthening the company....

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    • Hi Dadu - I see you've been following the company for lo these many years .... Good comments .... While Quinn might be trying to go at these on a collaborative basis, I still sense ZR to be stubborn enough to either have it HIS way or no way ... We shall see .... I might re-establish a position here if and when M&A speculation cools off a bit ....