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  • philipswallowflip philipswallowflip Mar 18, 2013 8:20 AM Flag

    How many years (backround) in manufacturing CF does Quinpario have under his belt?

    Is this just a corporate raid on Zolt or will QP bring in a team on CF producers to fix problems ??

    If Zolt still has the lowest cost production of CF for its field, non aerospace, is this just a grab by QP to get into the field and basically buy out the process, from ACN in Hungry to non-peg CF in Texas and Mexico ??

    What exactly is it QP has for a customer base and application that would increase sales for Zolt ?
    Perhaps QP has some questions to answer the the share holders b4 everyone boards the train for a destination that has yet to be disclosed by QP !!

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    • Philip, you hit the nail on the head. After being patient with this stock for several years I believe we may be on the verge of huge increases in demand for CF by the auto industry to make their cars lighter and compliant with more stringent CAFE standards. And QP sees this and wants to cash in on my shares through a buyout at cheap prices or through issuance of numerous shares they would buy and dilute my ownership in the company. These guys are not interested in helping create long term shareholder value. They are interested in lining their pockets. Zsolt knows this and is stopping them.

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    • OOOps, 3/12 not 2/13. typo my mistype.

    • Forgot to add: is this related to the recent connection Zolt has with Magna from Zolt's home page from 2/13 this year? Remeber, QP released its 10% + ownership on 3/4 this year.

      Did QP notice the goings on behind the scene between Zolt and Magna, and begin accumulating shares in order to force this issue and basically take control of Zolt ??

      I really do not know the extent that Magna might be the next big cusstome, like Vestas, but the dates are so close from press release on Magna and QP's 10.13 % in Zolt.
      Anyone have any insight or thoughts, please share........

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      • No doubt this is like the 11th hour in a situation when everyone wants to step in to be the hero and take the spoils. With auto kicking in a much bigger way in 2014 and on, it is practically a no brainer. Mr Rumy and Mr Q I believe should work together with Zolt running the Research and Production end with maybe a 5 year contract. Mr Q should be showing sharholders what he is actually bringing to the dance. A big contract would be nice with Ford, who knows. Just 2 cents here. : )

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