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  • andrewtaylor977 andrewtaylor977 Jul 15, 2013 1:48 PM Flag


    Can someone help me. I'm trying to find a list of the patents that Zoltek holds, but it seems that there are only 2 patents files under Zoltek Companies:

    ZOLTEK COMPANIES, INC. Patent applications
    Patent application number Title Published
    20130126095 APPARATUS FOR COMPOSITE TAPE DISPENSING - An apparatus to apply a resin
    20120321888 SPLICED CARBON FIBER TOW AND SPLICING METHOD - A spliced fiber tow

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    • And those are equipment type patents (the first moreso than the second) which are kinda useless. My last post got deleted, but in essence the other patents assigned to Zoltek during its purchase of Stackpole Fibers have long since expired. There is no longer any exclusivity. Anyone can take the information and use it at will.


    • As an Assignee, I think you just about have it covered.

    • scott2536 Jul 15, 2013 4:51 PM Flag

      This probably means that the patent for changing the resistivity of carbon fiber (a semiconductor) to absorb and attenuate radar energy and disapate it as heat ,doesn't belong to the company .

      The patents issued in 1988 and reissued in 1993 must still belong to Zsolt Rumy.

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      • Scott as indicated above and on other threads, any patent issued in 1988 has long since expired. The information in the patent is and has been available for general use. If that patent was "reissued" in 1993, it did not extend the timeline for patent exclusivity; it merely corrected defects in the original patent. As such, the date of 1988 remains the issue date and that patent expired 5+/- years ago.


      • Scott, you clearly don't get it. Zoltek got into the carbon fiber business with the acquisition of Stackpole Fibers in 1988. Stackpole Fibers was where the patented technology was developed. As a result of the acquisition, Zoltek was assigned the patents. Stackpole Fibers was located in Lowell, MA before they were bought and moved, which is why, as Opti was nice enough to point out, the inventor was named George Boyd from Attleboro, MA. So, let me make this clear, once and for all: The patents DO NOT belong to Rumy.

        Lastly, the answer to your question that I'm sure you'll ask me: No, I DO NOT work for Quinpario. However, if I did, I'd be spending my time cozying up to all of the other institutional shareholders in an effort to secure enough votes to ensure victory in any potential shareholders vote(s). Sadly, this effort wouldn't include getting on the Zoltek message board of Yahoo Finance to regale mom and pop shareholders, like yourself, whose number of shares is completely insignificant to the outcome of any vote.

        Your posts and opinions are as misguided as Dadufuss's.

      • Scott, check w/ the stealth tech engineer how a Zoltek can sue over alleged patent infringements on a patent that is not assigned to it.

        United States Patent RE34,162
        Boyd, Jr. January 19, 1993
        Controlled surface electrical resistance carbon fiber sheet product

        Boyd, Jr.; George P. (Attleboro, MA)

        Zoltek Corporation (St. Louis, MO)
        Family ID: 27047687
        Appl. No.: 07/483,531
        Filed: February 20, 1990

    • Andrew -
      Allow me to introduce you to scott2536. He is the resident numbnut when it comes to drawing completely baseless conclusions about Zoltek's patents.
      - DHL