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  • scott2536 Jul 16, 2013 11:24 AM Flag

    Q P pro and con

    Why are so many posters on this board so concerned about what I say about patents ?
    Most of these posters have popped up since the offer was made. This morning a new one that has never posted on any Yahoo board jumped in.

    opti has been here longer than most of them ,but he has been negative from the start. Why is anyone interested enough in a stock he has always been negative on ,to research patent documents. Why is he wasting valuable time to generate negative comments about a stock that he obviously has no reason to own ?

    It should be obvious where these people come from.

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    • Scott , actually I was optimistic about ZOLT and did a ladder of stock purchases as I recall w/ out looking it up- to apprx $25pps. I ditched most of at ~$35-36pps when the slope became very negative. Retained ~ 10% for grins which is just above water. I would be very pleased to ditch it for $18-19pps.
      So no, I have not been "negative" from the start, but I am a realist and change my opinion as my understanding develops.
      I do have a general interest in engineered materials and I follow this story for amusement for the most part..

      When I see your posting obviously wrong I occasionally feel obliged to correct it, -if for not you then for someone .

      btw scott, a patent search on Zoltek , Rumy etc takes all of abt 2 minutes just go to the USPTO, not really a big deal,

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      • scott2536 Jul 17, 2013 3:21 PM Flag

        If this is just a crummy company with no valuable patents or production processes ,why would a vulture like Q P be interested in it? How could Quinn get carribean tax shelter banks to invest millions to support him ?

        What is the real value that they see in ZOLT, a company run by a contractor field serviceman. What makes them willing to risk all that capitol ?

    • Scott, if your comment is also directed at me I for one am not interested in what you say about patents per long as it is not fabricated nor implies that there is substance to the patent.

      In your messages you continue to give the impression that these ancient patents and therefore the contents are exclusive to Zoltek. You have commented more than once on this board that Zoltek owns certain patents dating back to 1988 followed by a "reissue" in 1993. I continue to state that these patents have expired so the proprietary information is now public domain and for general use. Zoltek may "own" the patents but not the contents therein.

      In the end, if you quit your dribble about patents and the implication that there is some exclusivity to Zoltek, I won't have to keep correcting you. Also, my comments are not negative...they are simply fact.