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  • zorkborg1 zorkborg1 Jul 19, 2013 8:51 AM Flag

    Toray bankrolls leading US CF provider to auto industry

    "Toray Industries, Inc. announced that it purchased a 20% stake in Plasan Carbon Composites, Inc., a U.S. manufacturer and distributor of auto parts based on carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP), in a bid to strategically expand its carbon fiber composite material business globally in the automotive field."
    - Can't put up links any more. Just google it. Announced yesterday. Zoltek's going to compete with this?

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    • You just don't get it yet do you zork....The more players in the CF and automotive equation the better it is for everyone in the CF business....Making a CF breakthru into the automotive industry can only be a big win for all CF producers as there isn't enough capacity to fully infiltrate that industry on the entire planet...I would be thrilled if any CF producer made that a reality....It is not a competition between CF producers and if they really wanted to expand usage of their product they would band together to market the concept....There are so many potential uses that all would greatly benefit....

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      • I disagree with your reasoning. Toray is a far superior company to Zoltek - they can provide training, support, engineering assistance to a manufacturer They don't have Zoltek's dreadful reputation for abusing their customers. Zoltek cannot compete on cost because raw material costs are secondary - it's the cost of manufacturing with CF that's the primary barrier and Zoltek cannot provide the expertise that Toray can in assisting manufacturers with working with CF. Zoltek reminds me of Novell. Remember Novell? Or Banyan Vines - nobody remembers them - both were number 1 in computer networking in their day - but they' had no business acumen and didn't know how to monetize their engineering expertise. Remember Netscape? I can go on all day with companies like Zoltek. Their best hope is if a blood clot the size of a pencil eraser should happen to be flowing up Rumy's carotid at this moment...

    • Yeah, I think their less expensive CF will compete quite nicely. If demand picks up nicely they may even buy CF from Zoltek, especially if the CF manufactured is closer to the Plasan Carbon Composites plant.