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  • investor952 investor952 Jul 3, 2008 3:51 AM Flag

    duhh..this is Neil over at PF..



    we are currently experiencing a seasonal slump in our top bond funds like awf...duhh...price dump of almost 9% in June alone...the 2nd worst June in the last 14 years..hmmm...looking at the averages ... July's average is much worse than June's out below...

    don't worry..we watch 'em all...

    just cash d'em divvies while they're paid...

    How'd you all do on tma, uss , cvp, ayr, gls and d'em other winners we gave you?

    just buy the bond funds and hope for the best....

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    • LOL!!!

      Morey, you are a Real Sap!!!

      Have you EVER made a profitable trade....ever???

      I've followed you on some other Boards and I'll say this.......YOU are THEE Best Contrary Indicator on the Internet.

      If YOU Buy, I'm SELLING!
      If YOU say SELL, I'm BUYING!!

      You are what we refer to as a friggin Amateur (note the Capital A)


    • can't understand why anyone would sell mafw at this time ex div. !! and div. to stock holders as of 8 Aug ??????

    • Wow, some of the stupidity on this thread is pretty encouraging if you want to keep making money in closed end funds..

      Good to hear that I still have an edge, probably sold my shares at 14 to one of you guys and bought at 11.50 from one of you guys too

    • I hold AWF and several other closed end funds. A carry over from when I let Paine Webber (now UBS) recommend my investments. I bought in its IPO (another mistake for 90+% of closed-end funds).

      As many holders I am addicted to the dividend.

      My conclusion from holding these funds is ALL CLOSED-END FUNDS ARE SUCKER BETS. The bulk of them pay a hefty management fee, most sell at a discount to NAV which eats up any capital gains which occur. And most trend down in value.

      Management never adequately deals with the discount problem except on those rare occaisions they liquidate the fund.

      Income oriented funds like AWF are managed to maintain the payout so NAV suffers.

      If you are clairvoyant you might actually time your buys to the bottom of the discount and make some money on the decrease in price to NAV spread.

    • investing. You PF whiners need to grow up! What is it all of you expected for your $79 a year? It's nothing but a starting point...from the recommendations on it's due diligence time. AWF is actually a very solid buy right now...but I doubt if you could name two reasons that someone didn't spoon feed you when you invested the first time...yeah..that's what I thought.

    • All I can say is Iam through with NEIL......Lost lots of money with him....Wont even look at the newsletter again....

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