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  • betthepharm betthepharm Mar 31, 1998 9:30 AM Flag

    No news or good news?

    From today's headlines... Isn't this what REMUNE is supposed to do?

    Proteins May Protect Some From HIV

    March 31, 1998

    NEW YORK - The Associated Press via
    NewsEdge Corporation : Fourteen
    hemophiliacs who repeatedly got
    HIV-contaminated infusions resisted infection
    because they had high levels of certain
    immune system proteins, a study suggests.

    The proteins are called chemokines. Prior
    studies have shown they can block HIV
    infection in the test tube, and scientists
    have been hoping to use them to develop
    AIDS drugs or a vaccine.

    The Associated Press reported the study of
    hemophiliacs in September when it was
    presented at a meeting. The work now
    appears in Tuesday's issue of the
    Proceedings of the National Academy of

    It was presented by Daniel Zagury of the
    Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris,
    Alessandro Gringeri of the University of Milan
    in Italy, Dr. Robert Gallo of the Institute of
    Human Virology at the University of
    Maryland, and others.

    The hemophiliacs, from Italy, were exposed
    to the AIDS virus through contaminated
    infusions of blood products. Blood cells taken
    from them were found to produce about
    twice as much of three kinds of chemokines
    as did cells from healthy blood donors, or
    from hemophiliacs unexposed to HIV.

    The study involved 128 hemophiliacs who
    had repeatedly been exposed to HIV from
    blood products between 1980 to 1985,
    before a test to screen blood for the virus
    became available. Only three were infected
    by the first infusions. The total number of
    those infected rose to 59 in 1982, 84 in
    1983, 103 in 1984 and 114 in 1985.

    The pattern shows most hemophiliacs had a
    natural but temporary resistance to HIV
    infection, the researchers said.

    [Copyright 1998, Associated Press]

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    • Reason being they take much more sustained market exposure/losses. This is not the strategy normally done by none professionals. Then using the proceeds to buy options on stong momentum stocks is a killer to the market makers. You start trading like this and you will get unusual calls from them after you kill them a few times. Current strategy write in the money puts and if you want buy in the money calls with proceeds with at least 90 days time left. Liquidate 30 days befor expiration.

    • Pharm:

      The rotation to the drug sector has begun....

      I have heard rumours of an upcoming broker sponsored health care conference in May and that IMNR will be part of it....unaable to substantiate this yet

      good luck,


    • Burlap has raised an intriguing point: Are the preclinical vaccine just announced and Remune the same product? The answer, in a word, put as simply as possible, is no. But, read on. The IRC web site offers the following descriptions:

      "REMUNE is composed of gp120-depleted HIV-1 propagated in HUT-78 cells and inactivated in beta-propriolactone and iradiation....The inactivated material is emulsified with mineral oil (Incomplete Freund's Adjuvant) in the final formulation."
      - AND -
      "This preclinical study examined different doses of a vaccine consisting of gp120-depleted whole-killed HIV-1 antigen in different adjuvants."

      The differences are subtle, the similarities are overwhelming.

      The antigens are probably identical, but the adjuvants differ. An adjuvant is an immunological agent that increases the antigenic response - an additive if you will, but it is the particular antigen that induces the desired immune response, and here the antigens are very similar, if not identical. In the preclinical vaccine studies, a variety of adjuvants were tried ostensibly in an attempt to find the optimal combination.

      I believe that Burlap's point, although well taken, is moot. The indications for, and time frames involving approval of Remune and a prophylactic vaccine are vastly different, and there is no question that separate clinical trials would be required. But, I maintain that the vaccine studies are still excellent basic science adding to the fund of knowledge, and that can only further embellish our understanding of Remune.

    • I believe the problem for true vaccines is not whether they can stimulate an HIV response, but whether they can do so without infecting the patient with HIV. Thus the flurry of mice studies reported this week do not address the critical issue. My guess is that IRC only published their mouse study as a defense against the other data reported by Progenics. Any thoughts on that?

    • A sleeper piece of data was published in Chicago as a poster paper. This paper reports the conclusion that a p24 vaccine in conjunction with AZT resulted in a statistically significant improvement of CTL over either p24 vaccine alone or AZT alone. The p24 vaccine in question is years behind Remune in the regulatory process, however, Remune contains p24 proteins as well as several other viral proteins and would be expected to elicit a similar response response. The web site follows:

    • Big push in last 15 minutes to close at day's high of 12. No profit takers there! Where to now? Any bets on likelihood of IRC backing these last two days up with a significant press release next week now that they have everyone's attention? Anyone heard anything?

    • bullorbear_1, Why would insiders hate small traders buying call options (or writing puts)?

    • As long as warrants remain at or below 33% of the stock price they should be purchased very aggressively. We can only hope the best. The stock is now has started long-term uptrend per my system. For accounts over $50,000 writing in the money puts with strike prices at $15 or above will be very profitable short term play or/and using proceeds to buy $10 calls. Insiders will hate small traders doing this. It will kill them.

    • I would imagine that the warrents need to be registered just like the stock. while the one-year sale provision is up in
      April on both, the stock has not (to my knowledge) been registered. Thus, it cannot be sold to the public. Perhaps I'm wrong. If I
      held the warrents, I would not yet want to sell it. The warrents can only be exercised at $14 and if the stock is above $28 three
      months the company can call it. True there is a nice profit potential, but how long would the stock stay between those two levels?
      It seems to me the stock stays below $14 until positive data is released, and goes above $28 quickly. The holders of the
      warrents have little incentive to exercise them or sell them while the price is below $14.

    • Most investors are not aware but insiders were given warrants as a inticement to buy additional stock. These warrants will be allowed to trade after one year. Much better and secure than buying the options or stock. Watch for them to come on the market. Will produce 33% to 50% more profit than stock ownership.

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