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  • techy9991 techy9991 Jan 9, 2003 6:02 PM Flag

    Folks, are you digging DEEPER??????

    When I said that you have to dig DEEPER for the next 4 and 5 baggers, did you listen??

    With gold on this huge run over the past week, what's DROOY doing? When gold is at $500, will you be at $4.50??

    That's NOT the way to leverage the bull run in hard assets/gold, guys!

    On the other hand....see what NGAS is doing????

    Compare it to the over-owned names like DROOY and NEM, etc.....!!

    This is a huge sleeper play on gold/silver that no one knows about. Unlike some of these small cap golds, NGAS has a great natural gas biz to fall back on, AND natural gas prices are going thru the their huge gold property is gravy!!

    And the best part?? You have to READ the SEC filings to find this stuff, guys......!!

    Buy and HOLD these little gems for the meat of the upcoming move in hard assets!!

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