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  • pyrite_to_you pyrite_to_you Jan 30, 2003 12:57 PM Flag

    CNBC asks the question

    Well I really didn't know the ostrich effect was so rampant in the world.

    But obviously it is alive and well in France and Germany and no doubt some other Scandinavian countries!

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    • posting on boards requires other people know what you're trying to say.

      give it another shot

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      • Well, for people such as yourself who can't see the tip of your nose on the end of your face.

        It means that letting someone like these radical muslims run rampant on the world, we will see more terrorist acts that are horrific and probaly worse than what we have already experienced. I say we surgically rid the world of these lowlifes with our technology and send them out of this world for good.

        The inspections by these UN inspectors really amazed me. They were giving it there all in the film clips you saw on television. They showed you how the inspectors popped in to each room with their little flashlights for a second or two and the Iraqy dude following them turning on the light switch on the wall. Funny thing the Iraqy had a funny smile on his face. You know like this guy isn't going to find anything cause he can't even find a light switch.
        Now to answer your question, the forsight of the French, Germans and some Scandanavian countries are the same. They can't see the obvious in this world until after it happens. Then they ask dumb questions like how did that happen.
        Some one please show them the light switch!