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  • future_platinum future_platinum Feb 17, 2003 12:33 AM Flag

    Human Shields

    where do i sign up? i want to have a JDAM missile shoved up my sphincter too?

    those idiots! wonder what their parents fed them as children, probably ate some paint chips or lived next to powerlines!

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    • very good post. learning alot and still more to read. tried accessing Jimmy Carter's (Washington Post) article but it has gone bye bye for now.

    • The US is not producing enough oil for itself because it is now on the downward side of what is called the Hubbert Curve, not because of any environmental constraints on drilling.

      Drill all you want. If the oil has already been found, you will not increase production. Period.

      Picture a big balloon filled with oil. This balloon stands for the complete supply of oil in the ground before Colonel Drake hit oil in Pennsylvania. The first punctures in this balloon were easy and obvious. But as the balloon is depleted, the flow of oil goes down. Eventually, we have a dribble.

      If you do not understand depletion, you do not understand oil.

      For a complete discussion of this point, read hhhhh



    • palefire,

      Good observations on the price of gasoline, which is, as you pointed out, very cheap in historical terms. At a dollar a gallon, gasoline is at the same price it was in the early 60s when it was at $0.25.

      The so-called energy crisis triggered by the oil embargoes of the Saudis was really a dollar crisis. The world has never been short of energy, only short of cheap energy, which is, from the supplier's point of view, when depreciating paper money is exhanged for the precious and irreplaceble barrel of oil.

      All this talk about alternatives to oil will never bear fruit until the American consumer is forced to pay a reasonable price for oil. When folks are paying 5 or 6 dollars a gallon for gasoline, and this for a sustained period of time, then we will see renewed interest in fuel efficient vehicles and mass transit.

      Politicians will do what ever it takes to keep this from happening. All you have to do is listen to people when gasoline prices go up at the pump. It's a foolhardy representative or senator who points out the facts regarding energy consumption and the price of same.

      Of course, it is not just the desires of the consumer driving the decisions to react militarily in the mid-East. Oil is not just money; it is power. It has been power ever since the French demonstrated the value of motorized troops in the defense of Paris in 1914, when taxis were used to rush infantry to the front in the first battle of the Marne.

      See hhhh

      This brillant and decisive move was made by Joseph Gallieni, an older general who had been called out of retirement to head up the defense of Paris when all seemed to be lost. He was actually the more capable of the senior officers when the war broke out, but Joseph Joffre was picked over him for overall command of the French armies.

      see hhhh

      This lesson was not lost on future leaders. Hitler went for the oil fields of Russia. Japan bombed Pearl Harbor because the US cut them off from oil and they had only a few months of supply for their fleets. US went into Persian Gulf for oil.

      If you really want to know what is what in oil, read the Prize by Yergin. A long and very informative read on the history of oil.

      By the way, I noticed the new moon is on second of March. hhhh



    • Excellent Post, bondbroker.


    • Ah, you've caught my heart. Anwar Saddat grew up a poor boy on the Nile. And a poor boy on the Nile is extremely poor. Yet he grew up to be one of the greatest and most dignified statesmen of the 20th century. In his autobiography, he stated, "If you cannot change the fabric of your thinking, you cannot change your reality."

      < The assassination of Anwar Saddat by Arab extremists is one of many examples of their terrorist activities in the Arab world.>

    • sure enough, no collusion, no price fixin'

      i'm glad everybody's honest or we'd be in real hurting status

      just think if there were more dishonest people who craved money what a bad place this would be!

    • :-)

      gasoline prices are rising at the pump as the price fixing begins in a concerted game by Exxon Mobil, BP, Amoco, Chevron Texaco, (add names here) according to AAA's article found on

      America will survive. as for World War III, i hope we never see it in our lifetime.

    • palefire us

      we are all on the frustration pain train due to world events and economic system breakdowns. the US has a long road to travel before it becomes energy efficient. it could start with nationwide recycling and better conservation efforts. we live in an instant gratification country....i want it now and to heck with the consequences. what's left for the future? nothing!

      what's the gold price at? oil is good.

    • you said it right there 2,000,000 barrels on the world market and not the US.

      you know what? this is a heckuva board. lots of information and very intelligent posts. i'd like to move that we make a concerted effort to argue less and become user-friendly.

      makes for a powerful exchange of ideas and scares the hell out of the powers-that-be when we organize our efforts and troubleshoot problems as to the POG. that's why we have gnats hovering around that try to confuse issues and change subjects to irrelevant trivial pursuits.

      i'll knock off that human shield bit and stick to what matters most, making us money!

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