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  • windcloud43 windcloud43 Feb 18, 2003 6:24 PM Flag

    What happened to Robert Chapman?

    From Bill Murphy today?????

    Like the Cafes in the Paris days of yesteryear, so is Our participants at the various tables will come and go. That appears to be the case with Bob Chapman, who has disappeared. His phone has been disconnected and he does not answer emails. This is most strange. Rumor has it he has fled the country. That is all I know.

    As you are aware, I concentrated on posting Bob�s US market commentary, which was outstanding and dwarfed that of the Wall Street pabulum these past years. Bob has been right, most of Wall Street has been wrong. I like Bob and hope he is OK. However, I find it very disturbing that he just vanished with no explanation after he received some flack from WorldNetDaily about various stock promotions.

    To: Bob Chapman
    From: Bill Murphy

    You told me in Vancouver five weeks ago, you were going to fight back against those who were causing you aggravation. Instead, you have given new meaning to certain phrases.
    For many years, you talked the (tough) talk, now you have WALKED the walk � like a wimp out the door.
    For many years you talked like John Wayne, now you have run like Brer Rabbit.
    Your many fans are owed an explanation, one that passes a smell test.

    If I hear any more on Bob, I will let you know.

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    • I don't think this guy has been all the up front! read this and decide for yourself.

    • Just rented it a few weeks ago. The end of the movie reminded me of Jesse Livermore's life. After making and losing at least 3 fortunes, he finally sets up multiple trusts to insure his family will always be protected. Then his emotionally unstable wife shoots his grown son. If you are born with trading in your blood, you had better learn to control it before you begin to enjoy the dark side. There is no better depiction of the dark side than these depraved and fascinating message boards.


    • time to get some sleep, still early.

      gutenacht, auf wiedersehen, ciao, adios, sayonara, and goodnight.

      rest easy, gold's going back up. talk to you guys and gals later.

    • When I started doing my DD on that stock SLGLF or (whatever) and accessed their company history and saw that their total revenues where something like $10k last year, that told me all I had to know about that scam! Also the wild story about their coal slurry oil extraction whatever and how this was going to revolutionize energy consumption, well, then one look at their CEO Anselmo or whatever and he just reminded me of a "failed shoe salesman" trying his hand at mining... well, I'd rather lose my money on DROOY. At least I would know I had a shot! But to lose it on a scam? No thanks!

    • Here you go with the dirty allegation:

      Posted: January 21, 2003
      5:00 p.m. Eastern
      By Sherrie Gossett
      � 2003


      Bob Chapman and David Tice

      Silverado has also had a strong supporter in the person of Bob Chapman, a high-profile gold "analyst" who puts out the International Forecaster newsletter. CEO Anselmo told WND that Chapman is a highly trusted figure in gold circles, adding that "the old folks just dote on him, and trust his every word."

      Chapman told WND, "Silverado is one of the best junior exploration stocks in North America today. We recommended the stock at $0.08 and it has traded as high as $0.76." Silverado has been featured in some of Chapman's newsletters.

      Bob Chapman

      A Silverado advertorial lists Chapman as an "analyst."

      SEC filings indicate that on Oct. 15, 2001, Chapman entered into a "consulting agreement" with Silverado.

      The agreement was for a duration of eight months, and included the issuing of 675,000 common shares of the company to Chapman on Jan. 15, 2002, and 225,000 common shares of the company on the fifteenth day of each month of the term of the agreement thereafter, commencing Feb. 15, 2002, for an aggregate maximum of 1,800,000 shares.

      WND asked Anselmo what type of consulting services Chapman provided, and if that included promoting that company. "No, not for promotions," said Anselmo. "It was introductions to groups in Europe, it's, um, uh, people who can assist Silverado. In um, the coal, low-rank coal water fuel industry, opportunities in other countries, uh, it was introductions to people here in North America, including David Tice, and he [Bob Chapman] writes us up in his reports to his very large e-mail list, and uh, supports Silverado�s efforts."

      Indeed Tice's name has appeared in Silverado advertorials with tantalizing phrases such as, "What does a savvy investor like David Tice see in Silverado?" Anselmo maintains that Chapman and Tice are close, and that Tice respects Chapman's advice. According to the CEO, Chapman was instrumental in steering Tice towards Silverado: "Chapman told him to get off his ass and get after Silverado," Anselmo said.

    • windcloud (i love that handle, are you Indian or something?);

      glad I reviewed board and saw your post. Was just fixing to post same dam thing.

      Strange about phone beind disconnected. Just picking up and leaving like that.

      Anybody has any idea what WorldNetDaily said that caused this guy to just pick up and disappear??

      Strange things going on...