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  • jermarge2000 jermarge2000 Mar 11, 2003 7:34 PM Flag


    I know, I know, another nut. How do you explain the present relative value of Gold? If you are bald, toothless, & blind like me, you probably remember when a new car was $2,000. You may remember when gas was 15.9 cents per gallon.

    Is mining that much more efficient now? Some would have us believe so. Certainly printing has become more efficient, so it would seem the paper dollar would depreciate accordingly, at least, that is, until we run out of trees. I suppose at that point we could print dollars on synthetic paper, then they would truly be 'petro dollars'.

    Perhaps the alchemists of old truly did find a way to make gold from another substance. In that case there must be a 'conspiracy' to keep the method quiet.

    I'm sure there is some clear reason why gold is depreciating in value relative to everything else on the planet. It couldn't be a conspiracy.

    I'm gonna go buy a McDonalds hamburger now. Might as well go spend one of my gold 'dimes' before it depreciates any further, relative to the value of hamburgers.


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