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  • jhyers2000 jhyers2000 Mar 13, 2003 3:57 PM Flag

    Strange market these days...


    gold rises, gold stocks crater: gold craters, gold stocks soar; dollar craters, gold who know what it does....

    The market soars and so do gold stocks...

    The whole thing is fairly amazing.. Why are these people buying stocks with news the way it is now? That's the strangest part.

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    • Great post

      I am 22 years old.

      If you own real estate, apartments, etc.,

      isn't all that more valuable than PM when the dollar goes completely into the crapper and U.S. goes broke?

      I don't get the whole fasination with PM in times of uncertanty and disaster. I get the fact that it is used by banks as a valuable commodity during normal economic times.

      But if unforeseen happens, let's say a meteor strickes in Pacific Ocean and a cunami whipes out Japan, where a lot of global economy is centered, and everyrhing gets disrupted. I would rather own real estate, instead of some shining rocks.

    • You've got the right idea, dude.
      The US is the ROME of the 21st Century.
      We're losing ground so fast that we have to start wars to prove ourselves.
      To top it off, we have morons running the country
      Look for the continual undermining of the dollar and the stock markets. Gold, unfortunately, is controllable, and it will be real hard for the metal to mount a sustained climb to where it should be. But that won't stop the movement of foreign capital OUT OF THE U.S.
      Not even Dubya's military machine can stop this.
      I bought a place in the Caribbean with what I made shorting this market, and I plan on being there for good in a year.
      There is no future here. Just the loss of wealth and freedom.

    • Hi gamble, howdy. You say: "Anyways here's my point: if I was seeking safety, I wouldn't be buying gold and silver with my dollars, but a nice cabin somwhere in isolated place and stocking up on necceseties. "

      and it makes sense. But like you said you are young and some older farts like me (well not that old of a fart but you know...) have accumulated some stuff, own some real estate, already have made it and lost it during early 80's in Louisiana - Texas Oil bust and already own a boat, couple of apartment houses, 4 cars, some land with two cabins on it and now, basically, just wanna make sure we don't have to move under a bridge somewhere. Soooo...

      We invest in these here PM's and hope we don't get nuked (or anybody else for that matter) just in case, as the case is, that the US$ goes to shit (already dropped 28%) barrel of oil don't go to $100 (already from $9 to $37 past two years) and deficits don't keep the good ol US of A going broke (already we borrow 1.5 to 2 TRILLION DOLLARS)

      Now a billion is one thousand one MILLION
      A trillion is one thousand BILLION of those and that is so many zeros and such a liability that an 'ol gisser like me can't hardly count all them zeros.

      That's why your idea of a cabin and food is a good idea if you don't have one but for those of us who already have it, PM's is a means of making sure that what we lose on the one hand is gained (hopefully) on the other. Maybe a bit of Lagniape on top of that.

      BTW, how young are you exactly if you don't mind me asking? Anyhow, nice of you to drop in. Hope that my explanation makes sense.


    • I think you're right about everything exept owning gold stocks. It is fairly obvious the big money (Central Banks, foreign finances maybe) are against rally in gold stocks now, Why swim upstream, I say.

    • Got that, plus gold and gold stocks. We
      (the US) have no manufacturing to speak of. We
      (most businesses) have shipped our mfg off to
      China, India and the Phillipines. We are doing
      the same to our service industry, and are even
      doling out H1B visas for foreigners to come take our jobs. It is pretty obvious to me that
      Americans are no longer running America. The
      Fed and the Central Banks (Foreign owned) are
      running the finances here, and it's all sleight
      of hand money movement.
      Will be moving to my little cabin in about
      6 months, but am not worried about nukes.

    • I simply don't understand how a dollar can be worthless. It is not just the government that guarantees the papaer, but the assets that the country has. U.S. is a reach country not because of the high dollar, but because it has a lot of assests, you know timber, coil, oil, manufcturing, whatever. It may get devalued, which it has been doing for a year now, but that's normal.

      The other thing that I don't get, is why is everyone so paranoid about getting nuked now. U.S. and Russia have been on the brink of world destruction for ages. Even though I am amfairly young, I don't CNN running alerts 24 hours a day, except maybe when Russia just came out with a bomb in 50's there was some panic.

      Anyways here's my point: if I was seeking safety, I wouldn't be buying gold and silver with my dollars, but a nice cabin somwhere in isolated place and stocking up on necceseties.

    • Goverment guarantees paper but does not guarantee the buying power of paper. It will be worthless by then. US is a big bubble that any event may poke it! A NUKE exploded in N.Y will be the event to destroy the bubble US economy, the way of life, the DOLLAR will be worthless. So simple, 1 million $ NUKE bomb can destroy 10 Trillion. That is why US is desperated! As a wise man you must know there is no way to get absolute safety. How can you setect a NUKE bomb as small as football ? The only right way for US to do is to stop bullying the world , stop exploiting other counties by fiat Dollar, stop intervene other counties interal affairs. If the US goverment continue to do what is doing, sooner or later US will get bigger surprise than 911.

    • The goverment will still function. THe government guarantees the paper. When Japan got nuked by U.S. Do you think anyone gave a damn how much silver cubes were in your basement.

    • Then good for you, just remind you what happens to you paper if N.Y is NUKED ?
      US is the only country ever used NUKE again other country. The fate is sealed when the one used MDW agaist humen, that is the one will be punished by his own MDW invention.

      Better look at this :

      Development of New Low-Yield Nuclear Weapons:

    • I think I'll stick with paper where I can profit from the fluctuations, instead of silver sitting in by basement.

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