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  • now_bond now_bond Mar 14, 2003 4:12 PM Flag

    isn't this hypocrisy?


    It would be gross hypocrisy to go to war with Iraq over 11 years of non-compliance with United Nations resolutions when Israel has been in non-compliance for 54 years ! It would, of course, not take a war to bring the Zionist state into compliance. If you were willing to act like Presidents Truman or Eisenhower you could threaten to immediately cut off the $13,000,000/day of our taxpayer dollars that go to support Israel's apartheid policies, its appalling human rights violations, and its sublime disregard for the International Declaration of Human Rights, until and unless it complies with these several dozen United Nations Resolutions and decides to act in accordance with International Law.




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    • I have had girlfriends that could kick your ass sir!

      Good day

    • very good post.


    • I really do pity you.

    • Bush is now obligated, by this intervention in Iraq, to solve the Israeli/Palestinan problem. He will have to stop the Israelis from adding to their west bank settlements and stop the intifada. This is probably more difficult than going back to the gold standard in the US. His choice is not the one of decadence, it is the one of unreasoning, naive, perhaps foolhardy hope and faith. If his goal is really cheap oil and world domination, he will pay the highest personal price for this oil that has ever been paid. Mind you I am a realist and am not predicting his success. But I don't think many would have even tried this strategy or tactic. If he succeeds he will have accomplished the truly impossible and getting us back on the gold standard will seem a trifle by comparison. Unfortunately, I agree with you that Bush most likely has no interest in reforming our monetary nightmare. That will be left to his unfortunate successor.


    • Are we not all prejudice! Ever country, state and empire has smart people, dumb people, rich and poor, Literate and Illiterate, Good and nice folk and bad and evil bastards. We are all prejudice, roping Americans into the "dumb cowboy" and the French into the "cowardly cheese eaters"
      People of all kinds are what made this country great! We eat, sleep and live right next door to Indians, Mexicans, Jews, Asians. So how can the rest of the world say we are filled with hate is the US? When most of them live segrigated from each other and in hatred of thier differences. We all boil everything down to the basics and the media is the worst perpitrator of prejudice. Somehow I feel great pride in being American! Maybe that is what all the hate and prejudice toward the US is about, They all hate what we have been able to accomplish.


    • Like I said earlier today, anyone on this board that is consistent and presents a well thought out position is worth listening to. This especially includes you, Palefire, Jemarge, All4, Bondbroker,daveinreno, Daily Otic,Sulith,many other regulars, and sometimes even Abvelde and his cousins (when talking gold, not politics). It also includes hundreds of posters that post occassionally. Many on this board are racist or have unreasoning hate for democrats, republicans, Europeans, etc. I will even read their posts if they admit their prejudice and at least try to contribute honestly. I am sure I am as prejudiced as most here anyway.


    • Palefire:
      As much as we all respect morality among citizens of a semi-free republican state, I think that morality among leaders of empires is definitely a relative judgement and has less to do with the protection of individuals and more to do with protection of the group or the state. Indeed, the most individually moral president we have had lately, Jimmy Carter, who I admire as a person, was a poor president. He was unable to free the Iranian hostages and preferred to take the defensive in world affairs. Coincidentally, like GW Bush, he was caught with a crumbling economy crippled by rising prices. It led to his defeat, but it was not really his fault. I do not think the American people are as concerned with the personal morality of the President now as they might have been 20 years ago, tho I think GW is personally as moral as the next guy. But I think they now realize that like or not we are the empire and if we don't control the provinces they will bring us down as the Romans were brought down by the Barbarians. Everyone knows empires are built on deceit and by allying with rogues and bandits. But that is past, done, and GW and us Americans must deal with the empire as it is today. The only important question is , will it be preserved or allowed to decay? What will then happen if it is allowed to decay? My answer is that it must be preserved long enough to reduce the amount of terror festering today. The alternative is rampant terror within our borders accentuating the economic decay already consuming us. It was the weakness of the Czar that led to the Bolshevik revolution, the weakness of the Crown that led to the disintegration of the British Empire. You cannot conduct foreign policy by apologizing for mistakes made by previous presidents. The US has not been a backwater in which the timid could hide since the 19th century. You are living in the belly of the tiger and your compatriots are not eager to get slaughtered.

    • >>You haven't even begun to think of the consequences for supporting Hussein<<

      you f*cking MORON

      who do you think supported Iraq years ago???

      do you know how to read? or is the only 'news' you get from CNN/CNBC/FOX?

    • who is supporting Hussein, I hope that maggot dies tonight, it's just the U.S GOVERNMENT makes me sick, the people are brainwashed by the corporate media!

    • or get ready to find out how controlled the American media is when they put a favourable spin on the destruction of innocent children.......

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