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  • Bigwallrat Bigwallrat Mar 19, 2003 2:29 PM Flag

    I predict DROOY close of 2.85

    easily no problem

    2.85 close

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    • i see massive new al qaida recruits
      thanks to gw bush

      just gonna take one suicide bomber in a sports stadium or shopping mall
      to completely crash the financial system

      i guess will see how scared people are of terrorists when that happens

      most americans dont even know that we have been at war since 9 11

    • I am really getting ashamed for you Pale;
      You eat nothing but French Cheese? The US is
      responsible for everything. You support the
      French Government who made this war possible by
      crawling in bed with SH? There is no reason to
      apologize; the people recommending your posts
      originate from very sandy geographical areas.
      By the way, Russian Champagne beats the
      hell out of the 'dry' garbage that France puts
      out, and Anglo spelling of Baghdad includes an
      'h'. I can't believe you are from the South.

    • I have been in gold for some time, and plan to stay for quite some time. Waiting for
      a 60K check to get here, and most of it will go
      toward gold and gold stocks. You cannot pigeonhole me; I support our purpose in deposing that bastard SH, and most of all hope
      that we get that asshole son of his, Uday. And
      while I support the military, I am smart enough
      to realize that the economy is a sham.
      God Bless the USA and the Troops from all
      the countries, and screw Daschle.

    • I notice you seem to have to mention the
      three areas (of many) where the Islamic Fundamentalists have raised their ugly heads.
      My father (born in Germany) immigrated to the
      US with his parents, was educated here, and then he and his three brothers volunteered to
      fight the Nazis. My father was killed in the
      Ardennes (recovering from a previous wound).
      I volunteered for Viet Nam when I was in the
      service, but was denied due to the fact they
      were taking only cooks, Special Forces and medics. Went to VietNam as a civilian from
      Apr 69 to Nov 70.
      And, may I ask when I called a European
      a name? I hate no peoples, save those that
      would put their money interests above the interests of the people. That definitely includes the Fed and Chirac. Had Chirac aligned himself with Britain (Love the Brits)
      and us, Hussein would have been forced to disarm. Ergo, I personally hold him responsible for all casualties in the coming

    • Here is my product on the average POG for 2003: $328.93

      Forecasted out to the top in 2008 at $1265.10

      Let's see how close my prediction comes to the annual result. That's using historical numbers projected forward.

      One nagging question: We have bubbles in everything except commodities. Mr. Sinclair suggests a top in 2004 at $1650 for gold. Would that be the world's final answer before the crash?

      Finished reading a book by Adam Smith last night. That's not his real name. I've noticed alot of unreal names like John Finger, James Cook, John Wylie. Odd. Then again, future_platinum (100 year old geezer) is also a figment.

    • Yeah diplomacy, as taught by Neville.
      Chirac just wanted to push the date off until
      the dead of summer. For your info, I've also
      spent over 8 years in the ME, and understand
      what summer is like.
      Sadly, for the French and German peoples,
      the price of oil will be going up after the
      war. I'm thinking about shorting Fina.
      May God take care of the Troops and the
      Iraqi civilians.

    • Are you really a southern American? You
      know as well as I that the US has no intention
      of taking Iraq's oil. The trusteeship for their oil is being set up by the UN (and proposed by Blair) to be used by, and for, the
      Iraqis as it should be.
      I figure that the gas prices will go up in
      those two countries so that France (Chirac) can get back the money owed to it by Iraq.
      In spite of my support for the deposing
      of SH, I dislike most governments and even
      mine. Corruption seems to breed, rabbitly (not
      a mistype), within governments.
      God Bless the Troops and Iraqi civilians.
      I'm out of here; got a poker game to attend. Adieu, Khodahafez, adios, guten nacht.

    • I'm beginning to get your drift. I too, would prefer to live under a more honest, more Libertarian oriented regime. What are our alternatives? Throw in with Saddam? I understand your extreme frustration, witness my prior post. At first, I held your protestations to be simply unpatriotic. Now I understand that you are expressing your distress over our constitutional collapse. That also explains your interest in REAL, Constitutionally prescribed money.

      I too, bemoan the collapse of honesty in government. I agree we are witnessing the end of the American Era. I don't recall the author of the quote, but I'm sure that someone will assist: "America is great because America is good. When America ceases to be good, she shall also cease to be great".

      I have posted all too frequently it seems, for the tastes of this board, what I believe to be the alternative.

      Thanks for your patience.


    • What ? I hear you everytime, you not glad to see me?


      Just kidding with you.

    • 10/4