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  • jermarge2000 jermarge2000 Mar 22, 2003 6:29 PM Flag

    Total World Domination

    I've got this strange, frightening, sense of foreboding about events that are on the periphery of my vision & comprehension. You are feeling it too. It is felt, though not discussed. If it is considered at all, it is quietly and haltingly discussed with a spouse or perhaps long time close friend.

    Much to the consternation of, and denial by many, there is a growing sense that events of Biblical proportions may now be in inexorable control of our individual lives. In the deepest nooks and crannies of our collective minds we suspect that we are now on that exponentially steepening descent into a systemic monster whose goal is world domination.

    We've all heard about it. We've chosen to forestall serious consideration of that deep & frustrating potential. We had hoped that the feared events would occur during some other generation's time horizon.

    I fear that time is upon us. I would much prefer that my prior post were correct, (#98371). I fear it is not correct. Observe if you will, our unprecedented pre-emptive strike on Iraq. To what end? Are we inordinately concerned with the liberation of the indigenous peoples of darkest Africa? Why such overt interest in the 'liberation' of the Iraqi community? We could simply stay home, mind our own business, use our 270,000 troops to secure our own borders. There is no question as to whether we have the technical prowess to create a protective (starwars) dome over our airspace to prevent intercontinental ballistic influences. At far less expense we could simply redirect our resources to winning our internal battles with religious proponents of environmentalism & be once again self sufficient in energy supply.

    Now for consideration of the most insidious of all dark, enigmatic problems. Are 'they' consolidating total economic control of all world markets at this present moment? I know, this is the heart of the issue, the topic that we dare not assign any credibility to. Why, if there were any validity to it surely 'they' would address it and vanquish it. You & I are intelligent, sophisticated folks, we don't believe in 'conspiracy theories'. Who are these 'they'? Every time the topic is brought up by the 'lunatic fringe' it is immediately & resoundingly dismissed as a topic which 'serious' individuals don't participate in.

    Fine, perhaps you have an obvious & valid explanation as to the anomalous market gyrations presently occurring. The U.S. government is presently spending $2 for each dollar of revenue coming in & the dollar is appreciating in value? Deflation, Chinese, overcapacity you mumble. Really? Was your last home, car, hamburger, gallon of gas cheaper than the prior? Please explain how gold can be at inflation adjusted lows in value. Silver, in fact, is at 10,000 year lows when adjusted for inflation. Conspiracy? We dare not consider it.

    Why I have seen great captains of industry scoff at the mere mention of conspiracy in the course of an interview. If an individual of such great power, influence & wealth is unaware of a conspiracy that affects his realm then surely there is none.

    A minority of particularly astute observers may discern that perhaps the 'conspiracy' derives from a level which doesn't lend itself to scientific dissection, to CPA analysis. Perhaps it derives from a level only vaguely referred to in parables derived from ancient & timeless texts. If your worst suspicions are beginning to tear at the fabric of your life & serenity, perhaps you should investigate this, the most esoteric & 'unsophisticated' of possibilities. Perhaps it is all predicted and predictable. Perhaps the peace & comfort that you desire exists.

    Good luck in your quest.


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