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  • jermarge2000 jermarge2000 Mar 24, 2003 6:49 PM Flag

    Dream On II

    Excerpt >>>>>� Greenspan recently said the American consumer may not be counted on too much longer to keep the American economy alive and well. (No kidding!)
    � Michael B. O'Higgins spoke of how he was positioning his client's money in cash and gold as he plans for another Great Depression.
    � Warren Buffet warned of a looming financial disaster related to derivatives that he believes increases rather than decreases systemic risk for our global economy.
    � William Poole, President of the St. Louis Federal Reserve in effect warned about the potential insolvency of the outrageously over leveraged Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac quasi-government mortgage lenders.

    Those were some rather heavy warnings coming from some of Americas "heavier lifters." So what happened once again when, for the 90th time since 1987, the markets began to look like the world was coming to and end? You got it!
    In stepped the Plunge Protection Team aided and abetted by one of its subsidiaries, the CIA who spread some good news, but false rumors about the capture of Bin Laden's sons and then about how the Iraqi generals were talking toe the CIA about surrendering. Bingo! The shorts ran for cover. The hedge funds sold gold and oil and all of a sudden you had the grandest reversal of America's fortunes in several months. <<<<<<<<

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