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  • poreslob poreslob Mar 24, 2003 6:50 PM Flag

    I don't want to scare anyone,but

    if you don't know it already,there may be something in the universe that will be far more of a threat to human life that any thing man has ever done here.Just put in planet x in yer search engine.Then read.I might add that if any such thing occures,it will be by the will of God.GOT GOD????If not,next time yer out,stop by a local book store and pick up the best seller....THE HOLY BIBLE.You will soon learn the past and future of things to come.Guaranteed to comfort the soul once you have committed yerself to Jesus.Good luck and God bless.In the mean time,it may be good to own gold.

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    • Last I heard about planet X it was supposed to pass by this spring. Where is it? Here in Cincinnati they had a planet X guru on the radio and he said Cincinnati would be beach front property, with 200 mile an hour winds for 6 months minimum. He said the near miss of planet X would cause the earths axes to be shifted. What is the latest?

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      • Not an expert by no means.Just a listener and learner.I take much with a grain of salt but the gospel I take seriously.It speaks of such things, so PERSONALLY I think planet x could be for real.Who knows.God knows.We should be prepared never the less.A lot of sense comes from what they say.It will only happen when God is ready for it to happen.Be prepared.Get right with God and stay there.If this were to occur,I would rather not witness it.God bless' those who believe in his son.

    • Bible-Koran

      my saviour is common sense. Religion has caused nothing but problems and has been used to justify some pretty barbaric behaviour between humans. By its very nature, it's problematic, If you question the book, your faith is questioned. It's a bunch of BS, IMHO.

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      • By: jacknickleson: >>>>>> my saviour is common sense. Religion has caused nothing but problems and has been used to justify some pretty barbaric behaviour between humans. <<<<<

        Whose 'common sense' shall we go by Jack? Yours? Saddams?

        Our law derives from English Common Law, which in turn was derived straight from the Bible.

        Biblical law is the foundation which provides you with the right to freely make comments opposing it.

        Biblical law is what seperates free people from 'babarians' living in chaos, (each individual's 'common sense' or 'law of the jungle').

        Your profile didn't include your age. Hopefully you are a 'young head full of mush'.

        It's OK Jack. Wisdom typically comes with age.


    • "You never answered my question of whether or not we'd be there if Iraq didn't have oil ? (and/or wasn't pricing the oil in Euros)"

      Euros is irrelevant, and oil in Iraq is a red herring. The infrastructure (drills, refineries, etc...) is badly outdated and will require massive upgrades to reach full production. Lots of money and time before that happens.

      Iraq is an easy target because:

      1) The dictator is disliked
      2) Iraq is hella easier to occupy than Afghanistan (Osama who?) so it's a war they can win
      3) they can bully Iran to overthrow their ayatollahs
      4) they can bully Syria to get out of Lebanon and Israel
      5) they can threaten the Saudis and/or support the royal family if the fundamentalists get too strong.

      Oil is good, but geography is way better. Who wouldn't want a huge base next to all those nice countries?

      Up yers king fahd!

    • By: jacknickleson: >>>>> So, I assume by this statement you believe yours is the only "true" religion, all followers of other religions are condemned and we are backed by God in this war ?

      Jack I believe that it goes without saying that not all political structures are equally valid. That is why we occasionally find it necessary to behave barbarically & go to war. We go to war to enforce a particular set of values over that of the opposition. If we considered all beliefs to be equally valid, we could simply resign ourselves to be subject to the prevailing 'common sense', or whomever was biggest & strongest, (Law of the Jungle).

      So yes, I am prejudiced when it comes to Moslemism, Bhudism, & several others. Perhaps you would prefer to move and participate in some other 'equally' desirable system?

      These are basic tenents of life that you should have aquired some modicum of understanding of years ago. It is rather naive & sophmoric to hold that all belief systems are equal at your advanced age.

      By: jacknickleson; >>>> Is the USA a "Godly" nation in your opinion ? <<<<<<<

      The U.S.A. is presently the prime motivating international force for spreading the Gospel. It was predicted in that musty, irrelevent, 2000 year old book that this would happen just prior to the 'end times'.

      By: jacknickleson: >>>> You never answered my question of whether or not we'd be there if Iraq didn't have oil ? (and/or wasn't pricing the oil in Euros) <<<<<<

      Unless we choose to become a very closed & restricted society it is imperative that we retaliate massively for the 911 disaster. It needs to be impressed upon our enemies that any such incursions will result in far more horrible consequences. Sorry if that injures your delicate sense of what is right & wrong Jack but some people only respect 'babaric' force, not diplomacy.

      Again, you only have the comfortable armchair right to observe & speculate due to the blood that has been shed (barbarically), to defend a system, (derived from the Bible), which now affords you that luxury.


    • Of course your premise is wrong, assuming any of these Iraq people have anything to do with 911, but in general a response for you...

      I got news for you, we are not applying "barbaric force" by any stretch of the imagination of how they view it. I submit to you that we are incapable of such force "to impress our enemies ...horrific consequences".

      No, that won't work. You cannot scare these people into staying away from hurting the US or its citizens.

      Watch Apocalypse Now. Kurtz was capable but got assasinated...

    • Unfortunately I must agree Flint. I doubt they will be suffiently impressed with the current degree of 'barbarity'.


    • By: sulith2001: >>>>> Could you please define a "miracle" in terms of the "laws of science" - miracles like walking on water or raising the dead? <<<<<<

      I believe that anyone with a modicum of intelligence would agree that the definition of a miracle is that it defies known science. I assume you are suggesting that nothing that defies scientific description has ever been witnessed?

      By: sulith2001: >>>>>> Joshua 10:13 and Habakkuk 3:11 - the Sun "stood still in the midst of heaven." <<<<<<

      I presume you have evidence to the contrary?

      By: sulith2001: >>>>>One wonders if you've actually critically READ the Bible you tout. Lev. 11:13,19 - a bat is a bird. <<<<<<

      A bat is a bird? Here is the verses you referenced: 13 And these are they which ye shall have in abomination among the fowls; they shall not be eaten, they are an abomination: the eagle, and the ossifrage, and the ospray,
      14 And the vulture, and the kite after his kind;
      15 Every raven after his kind;
      16 And the owl, and the night hawk, and the cuckow, and the hawk after his kind,
      17 And the little owl, and the cormorant, and the great owl,
      18 And the swan, and the pelican, and the gier eagle,
      19 And the stork, the heron after her kind, and the lapwing, and the bat.

      Perhaps you have an objection to the ancients not distinguishing between birds & flying rodents? Their classification of various creatures into different genre than at present, I hardly find to be earth shaking.

      By: sulith2001: >>>> Lev. 11:20-21 - some fowl have four legs.<<<<<<

      Some fowl have four legs? This passage references insects.

      Lev. 11:20 No insects may be eaten. 21; with the exception of those that jump <LB>

      By: sulith2001: >>>>>> Lev. 11:22-23 - some insects have four legs. <<<<<

      Some insects have two legs! Again, if your objection is to their 'scientific' classification of different genre, I think you have broadly missed the point. Lev. 11:22-23 locusts of all varieties- ordinary locusts, bald locusts, crickets, and grasshoppers- may be eaten. All insects that fly & walk or crawl are forbidden to you. <LB>

      By: sulith2001: >>>> How about the Bible writers' four thousand year old "geocentric" Earth under a solid "firmament?" <<<<


      By: sulith2001: >>>> How about the "resurrection" itself? <<<<<<

      Now that is a miracle that doesn't lend itself well to scientific scrutiny huh. Most recently an African was raised from the dead at a Christian rally in Africa. He had already been dead for 3 days & in fact had already been embalmed. Didn't hear it reported in the media huh? A close friend of mine's father was resurrected after having been at room temperature for 16 hrs. at the age of 9.

      John 12:37 But though he had done so many miracles before them, yet they believed not on him:

      Galatians 3:5 He therefore that ministereth to you the Spirit, and worketh miracles among you, doeth he it by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith?

      I too, used every possible excuse to deny the plausibility of the Bible at one point. As I studied the portions that appeared to be bogus and began to understand them in context, my attitude changed.

      It is very difficult. A man will resist with all his faculties the idea that there is a God. It precludes the man from being God. A tragedy indeed.

      It is good that you are concerned about the context of the anomalies you refer to. That is the next step after indifference.

      Good luck on your quest.

    • poreslob;
      regret to inform you that while searching for Planet X (very disturbing btw all those lopsided trajectories bearing down on us poor little earthlings) I might have stumbled on the real reason for our potential demise. Oh dear! What to do now�

      Your most urgent reply & advice required. Should mission be aborted?? Or shall we continue on?? Kind of scary territory would you not agree? Your perusal of link would be most appreciated. Wonder how this will affect POG tomorrow...

      Been kind of busy lately so not much participation possible. After quick perusal of site, not much regret. Will check later for hopeful reply and do promise to keep searching for more information relative to Planet X. Over & Out...


      p.s.: for those without a sense of humor, here is a hint ======> :)

    • jermarge:

      Well, there was "Thoroughly Modern Millie" and now there is "Thoroughly Disingenuous Jermarge." Your response is a case study in smarmy evasions.

      Your first, slickly worded comment on miracles is at odds with your initial statement that you are not aware of biblical contradictions of the laws of science. Your challenge to me for evidence "to the contrary" for the Earth standing still is a transparent attempt at obfuscation. Your Bible alleges that it did, which does contradict the laws of science. BTW, if the Earth went from rotating at 24,000 MPH (at the equator) to zero MPH (for the Sun to stand still), it would cause more than transitory nose bleeds to earthly residents.

      If you really believe that some dead and embalmed African was "resurrected" after three days there's a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you. Gee, "three days," just like the Pagan Sun worshippers New Moon "rebirth" that was co-opted by Christian mythology for Jesus' alleged "resurrection." You don't understand the Bible writer's "geocentric" Universe concept?" You don't understand why Galileo was tortured?

      Your comment that "man will resist with all his faculties the idea that there is a God" is a falsehood. The exact opposite is true. In all of history, a majority of mankind has been willing to surrender their reasoning power to superstition and fear; to worshiping various forms of imagined "gods." This is particularly true if they don't have the courage or intellectual honesty to seriously question irrational ideas pounded into them repeatedly in a malleable, trusting childhood. Most people cling tenaciously to such childhood installed religious beliefs and practice any amount of self-delusion or denial necessary to reject calls to reason. As an example, I'm sure it will be literally impossible for you to recognize the dishonesty of your response to my assertion that the Bible does indeed conflict with the laws of science. I do, however, recognize the dishonesty and don't waste much time on such people. I simply find them mildly amusing.

    • So, what evolutionary purpose is served by collective delusion (or collective INSANITY, as may be our case)? If evolution progresses by deviation and mutation, is this a counter-weight to the instability that may be introduced by going too far too fast? Retreat to the safety of numbers, regression to the base of phylogenetics?

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