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  • palefire_us palefire_us Mar 30, 2003 9:46 AM Flag

    Thick layers of disinformation


    Again last night I switched on CNN and Fox. Spokesmen at press briefings are saying we are now specifically targeting the Iraqi leadership and that we have operatives in Baghdad scoping out the territory. I inferred hit squads, which would be wonderful news were it true. I got to thinking when I took the dog out that it would be simply insane to be telegraphing this information to Saddam if indeed it were true. I kept getting visual images of Stephen Segal hustling around Baghdad, or maybe an army of "slim" Stephen Segal look-alikes [body doubles] in the shadowy streets of the old city. And my better judgment led me to the conclusion that this is just a lie. Well, "try it, it might work." Not to scare Saddam, mind you, but to reassure me before I retire for the evening. Can anyone have any confidence in the CIA? How many spie scandals have they sufffered in the last three years? And if indeed we have operatives in Baghdad, why didn't they send us better intelligence. Also, the hints [again] that Saddam may be dead were hitting the morning news this morning. It is becomeing virtually useless to watch the news stations anymore. If I can see the disinformation campaign emanating from the Pentagon and the administration, I am sure a lot of others do as well. NPR this morning was reporting that our soldiers have been told that it could be up to six weeks before our reserves are in place to lay siege to Baghdad. Does anyone grasp what a disastrougs public relations campaign we are facing. Moreover, the military strategy appears to be largely discredited and everything is back on the drawing boards. In the meantime we have 100,000 Americans out there in the hostile Iraqi desert. Wunderbar.

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    • I know many Americans personally, and I just love them. (out of the nature of my work)

      The minds whom invented this war and execute it, is alien to truth and doomed.

    • Do I need Iraqi hashish to understand this philosophical question of yours? LOL

      With all due respect, America is great power of freedom in a world of oppression. Hey, not a day goes by where I get angry with some stupid thing that our government does, but, the fact remains, the American people are some of the kindest, and warmest, and gentle people on the planet if you bothered to get to know them, but apparently, you are too busy fighting in the middle of a fight that is so large that it could make a fragile mind explode...... so the battles will rage forth, despite your opposition, which I welcome, because freedom of speech is invaluable, even though all sides are guilty of screwing it up lately...

      so, anyways, fight for REAL FREEDOM, and CARRY ON as Crosby Stills, Nash and Young and so many other musicians and thinkers have made clear, FREEDOM never sleeps..........

    • LOL
      Big brotherly hug!!!!

    • Wet birds do NOT fly at night.

    • Take no thought and believe nothing.
      The flower smells good!

    • My question was rather simple. Were you asserting "knowledge" or "beliefs?" But, if you tire of this thread, I will understand.

    • Just bite the bullet and read this book...
      Any paradigm shift had been received with massive negative critique in the history of mankind.

      I don' wnat to spend to much time discussing your questions, for it is well explained in detail in the mentioned publication. By the way, Goswami is one of many quantum physicists contributing to this book. Goswami acted as a kind of a conference coordinator by publishing this book.

    • Tell:

      Thanks for the comeback. Then you have been asserting "beliefs" and not "knowledge" because you have no "proof" for your assertions. Correct?

      Did a Google search on Amit Goswami and read a critique on one of his books. Big on sweeping assertions, short on consistent logic, but I might give it another look.

      Got a problem with anyone who views the Universe as being "subjective," or that it wouldn't "exist" if no sentient being was able to perceive it. Doesn't seem to make sense as, at least to me and other rational thinkers, reality is "objective" in that it exists regardless of anyone's ability or willingness to perceive it. As a test, I'd invite anyone who disputes this to close their eyes and jump off a cliff. Objective reality will give them a nasty lesson.

    • Believe = mental acceptance as true or real in the absence of tangible proof...believing is a sad thing therefore

      Know (perceive) = To have no doubt about the fact because proof had been presented. Knowing is involved in many dimensions, not just in the 3rd and 4th.

    • OK, thanks for the lead, but tell me tell; what is your understanding of the difference between "knowing" something and "believing" something, and what are your standards for each?

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