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  • pyrite_to_you pyrite_to_you Mar 30, 2003 11:03 AM Flag

    Thick layers of disinformation

    <<<<In the meantime we have 100,000 Americans out there in the hostile Iraqi desert. Wunderbar.>>>>

    Yes and you have made it quite clear how you feel about them and this country. Will you ever stop with the negativety towards the U.S. and our troops per your past posts!

    I would suggest you think about things that you can predict when you take the dog for a shit. Maybe the movie "The Wizard of Oz", or some other noble cause that would make yourself feel important in this world. Your pushing on people your feelings of importance, intelligence, and self esteem is tiresome.

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    • pyrite:

      Pssst! I have a little news for you. If a THINKING person is taking issue with our government's insane policies, he's not going against "the Country" or being "anti-American." The exact opposite is true. Although politicians LOVE people who have been duped into believing it, the "government" is NOT synonymous with "America." It is something entirely different. Try to get that into your head.

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      • sulith2001:

        Psst! You, paleface and the rest of your ILK, including Peter Arnett. Move the hell out of the country you hate so much and take your ill concieved ideas to Irag where they would be appreciated!
        Try to look past the idea you THINK you are the most intelligent folks in the world. Your're the only ones who believe it! Try to get that thought through you head.