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  • sulith2001 sulith2001 Apr 1, 2003 8:49 AM Flag

    An Eye For an Eye

    There are news reports that "US assassination squads" have killed some Iraq Baath Party officials and are actively seeking other top pro-Hussein individuals. Sounds like "hooray for the good guys" doesn't it? But only at first glance, my naive friends. If this is true, the days of certain US politicians and bureaucrats or other high profile Americans are probably numbered. ("An eye for an eye..." is a major tenet of the Arab psyche). BTW, this is NOT a recommendation, this is just IMHO.

    So far, there have reportedly been between 480 - 570 Iraqi civilians killed. "We had to kill them to 'liberate' them Sir." (Sound familiar?) This "hunt for WMDs" gets uglier and uglier and the consequences are gonna grow like a weed. Stand by for some eventual REAL bad news folks.

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