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  • jermarge2000 jermarge2000 Apr 3, 2003 3:09 PM Flag


    In reviewing your postings, it is clear that your proclivity is toward self aggrandizement, rather than topical info.

    By: suclips2001: >>>>> Really stung you good a while back, didn't I? LOL! <<<<<

    My point.

    Thanx for the (final) post.


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    • Let me see if I've got this straight. You post inanities on "topical info" that have been posted countless times and my posts are of no value? You claim intimate knowledge of, and authority to speak for, an alleged UNIVERSE CREATOR and I'm into "self aggrandizement?" Your absurd egoism is paplable.

      I figured that a post on rational thinking would twist your tail. Presenting logical thinking parameters to a mystic is like showing a crucifix to a vampire.

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      • Congratulations, Since you have nothing useful to contribute, your self aggrandizing, ego boosting BS, has earned you ignore status.

        You obviously have your thought processes & learning ability blinded by ego & are permanently incapable of either learning or contributing.

        You may take solace in the fact that you have been relegated to a very select group, the others are there due to a total lack of intelligence. You however, have attained membership in the esteemed ignore group, by being totally incognizant of any idea or activity outside of your tiny egocentric realm.

        I'm shaking the dust of your vindictive thoughtlessness off of my feet.