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  • twelve_more_years twelve_more_years Jan 22, 2004 1:52 PM Flag

    SARS WARS - The Virus Strikes Back

    The latest version has significant genetic change... They have no idea what species is the "reservoir" and "We know of no example in recorded history of a virus emerging into the human population and then spontaneously disappearing, never to return again. It just doesn't happen. "


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    • durban,
      Thanks for those parts of that article.

    • The SARS virus does exist, but IMHO it's just a scare tactic the media uses to stop people from thinking about the most important and most critical issues in world today - the potential for an economic meltdown, for example, or terrorism.

      How many people have died from the SARS virus in North America since it was first broadcast in huge headlines last year? Not one person has died. Zero.

      How many people have died in China where SARS presumably originated, and where the medical treatment is often described as sub-standard? Forty-three people have died there.

      How many people die every year in North America from the pneumonia virus? Over 100,000 every year. Or the flu virus? Thousands die every year from the flu.

      We should say to our media, "SARS again? Give me a break."

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      • Good point. I don't know about the idea of the SARS story being a smoke screen for the more serious problems we're facing but I definitely agree they blow it way out of proportion.

        A few weeks ago I heard a reporter being interviewed on NPR. She said she was frustrated when reporting on the flu "epidemic" for ABC, CBS etc because they would ask leading questions, trying to make it sound like things were much worse than they were and suggesting the public was close to panic. She said the reality was very different but they didn't want to hear it. They just wanted sensationalism.

        Still, the thing that's interesting to me about SARS and the Bird Flu in Asia is the fact that humans keep digging deeper and deeper into the wilderness and we are coming into contact with more and more deadly microbes that we've never been exposed to before.

        Eventually one of them could become the modern version of the Black Death or any one of the numerous plagues that have kicked our asses in the past.