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  • jermarge2000 jermarge2000 Feb 4, 2004 9:31 PM Flag

    It's Simple!

    There has to be a rapid and dramatic improvement in the jobs picture or GW goes back to his rattlesnake infested sandpatch in Texas.

    OK, how do we go about doing this? As you have recently read, Toyota and Honda have taken over the US car industry, witness GM & Ford share prices recently. There is only 1 retailer now in most of the towns in Amerika, Chinamart. All the previous owners of clothing or grocery or hardware stores, are now working as meeters & greeters at Chinamart for minimum wage 35 hours a week if at all.

    Now I'm sure that most agree they would rather have a Toyota that will run 2-300,000 miles trouble free, than a Chevy Cavalier that turns into a mosquito fogging rattletrap in 50,000 miles. If the price is equal, who wouldn't?

    Just suppose for a minute that the dollar dropped by (I'll exaggerate for the sake of illustration) 75%! Now the smoking heap of GM garbage could still be purchased for a mere $20,000, (with 4cyl, no A/C, man trans, etc.).
    The quality built Toyota on the other hand would now be $80,000, far beyond the reach of an ordinary beer swilling, superbowl viewing Amerikan.

    In fact, 395 pound Joe sixpack, with his GED, baggy pants, and walkman headset, could stumble back over to his former UAW job building Cavaliers for $65/hr,(including bennies), and possibly even regain the luxury of going out on strike, so he can go home and resume the position on the couch!

    Chinamart would lose their position as prime purveyor of fine Chinese goods and starvation employment as their product rocketed 400% in price.

    The dollar is goin' down now! Hard & fast. Gold price be damned, I ain't a goin' back to that infernal rattlesnake patch in Texas! I don't ker iffn y'all hafter raid Chinamart fer 'nuff help ta oil them bearings on Snow's printin' press. Heck, git sum them mentally challenged folk from Chinamart ta hep ya iffn ya need 'em!

    Dollar down, Gold up!

    I could be wrong, I usually am.

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    • The preceeding material was not posted for the purpose of spreading 'Doom & Gloom'. Quite the contrary, forewarned is forearmed. Those that are contrarians, and have the ability to act on the information being dessiminated here, will likely benefit tremendously. It does not benefit the general welfare for all to be herded like sheep to the slaughter.

      It's survival of the fittest! The mentioned outcomes are inevitable. All that remains to be seen is what choices you make.

      I could be wrong, I usually am.

      Lu 21:28

    • Sell doom and gloom. Buy wine and roses.

    • Flint, don't take offense. No offense was intended. Half of the reco's that you have on your posts were mine. I understand that YOU don't need MY advice. That's why I read your posts, so that I might get another clue. BTW, I've gotten several clues from you.


    • Hey, go ahead and play some more. If you cannot be serious when asked a serious question, I have no interest in hearing what you have to say. Go ahead and play with the sheep.

    • The US will listen politely at the G7 meeting. Our rep will mumble some things to pacify the europeans and asians. We will then proceed to vaporize the dollar!

      Whose advice did we listen to when we went in to Iraq? The best you can hope for when you are trying to reason with a Feral (I mean Federal)700# Gorilla is that he doesn't go wild until you can get away from him.

      Pick any gold or silver stock chart. The MACD, Stochastics, etc., are all trying to turn up from oversold levels. Three small miners had an MACD crossover yesterday. There is NO potential for the dollar to go up. Someone said a few days ago that if the japs continued to support the dollar at the rate they did in January, by the end of this year they would have spent 25% of GNP!

      The people and corporations of this country have quit borrowing, the money supply has been contracting for weeks. The Feral (I mean Federal) government is now in the position of having to single-handedly reflate the economy. That is why GW has not failed to sign one spending bill! That is why we are now going to attempt to build Hoover dam on Mars if we can find some water up there!

      Look here's a clue; take your 10 favorite PM stocks, put 10% in each one, on Dec. 31, 2004 you will be up 500%.

      The PM train, DROOY rocket, is getting ready to leave the station, pad. Possibly as early as Monday. You have today and tomorrow to get on board. Their will be NOTHING of significance come out of the G& meeting. Do you see the LOX vapors escaping from the rocket? Do you hear the loud speaker from control? Ten, nine, eight, seven......

      The ground will start shaking very soon as gold leaves the pad.

      I could be wrong, I usually am.

    • Sad but True.