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  • jermarge2000 jermarge2000 Feb 10, 2004 1:07 AM Flag

    Rice Peddler

    Thanks for the link strawman. Near as I can tell, the candle pattern that has occured on Drooy and 3 other charts that I follow, most likely indicates at least a short term trend change.

    I read several sites interpretations, it would seem that a long up day candle followed by a dark hanging man is rated neutral to down. At least one site indicated that this is a fairly rare setup, though I'm seeing identical formations on 4 charts. It has cost me thousands to become educated in trading. I guess a couple of days from now I'll know exactly what that formation meant. As they say, successful trading can't be taught, it must be learned.

    Thanks for your reply.


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    • Just to through out a positive thought. Imagine if gold bulls were real bulls with balls and when they bought stock through their brokers, they, then took delivery of the stock.
      1. The broker could not lend that stock back to shorts. Now the bulls are protecting their own backs.
      2. There wouldn't be so much emotional trading.
      3. If all else fails, you've got nice wallpaper, instead of an ugly brokerage statement.

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      • As a true patriot, I heeded my countrys' call for profligate spending & consumerism when they needed me to help reflate the economy. I bought transportation, a home, food, etc. It didn't help. The country is flat on it's back and bleeding profusely, as am I. The liquidity crunch got me. Although in 2001 I owned a retail franchise which was number 3 out of a small 36 store chain, by early 2003 I was belly up. All six major lenders that financed my product withdrew from the arena overnight. This liquidity crisis will roll through the housing business (and autos) like a tsunami.

        With what pocket change I have left, I'm attempting to trade (gamble) my way back to solvency, as I have had some success at doing in the past. Unfortunately gambling appears to be the only persuit left to us sheeple at this point, as working for a living is subject to criminally high taxation on what is now subsistance wages. As everyone knows, running a small business is now viewed as a criminal enterprise by the PTB, (witness the 20,000/mo. closing in California). Witness Chinamart going directly from manufacture (in China) to retail, in complete contravention of U.S. anti-trust law, at the expense of Main Street USA.

        So now, after having suffered sufficiently for my allegiance to the American dream, you now suggest that I owe some allegiance to the gold equities market with the three dimes and a nickel I have left. Sorry, I have now sworn allegiance to God & family alone. I intend to trade as viciously and frequently as necessary to maximize profit on my limited resource. Come to think of it, if we were in a country where everyone felt at liberty to employ their resources as they saw fit, we probably wouldn't be in the soup that the U.S. is presently in.

        I could be wrong, I usually am.


        Strawman: Blacks 7th; A fictitious person.
        (Who alone is subject to contracts of adhesion or statute law. The real flesh and blood person is subject only to Common Law). JM