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  • jermarge2000 jermarge2000 Feb 29, 2004 12:32 AM Flag

    The Twilight Zone

    >>>>>Many look to the middle east and say "they control the oil market no more". I say "you see not what is in front of your eyes"! They do not have to keep oil up in price to control it. One can gain more wealth by keeping oil down than by driving it up, much more! And what is the value of this type of manipulation?

    it is measured in gold! Tell me now, what gain is there to destroy the world economy with high cost oil when they will provide you gold instead?

    But what value gold? All say "it is only a commodity subject to supply and demand"! Understand me, Demand and supply is written by BIS and $15 oil can cost $250 gold or $10,000 gold, whatever is required! $250 gold and LBMA will live! $10,000 gold and LBMA is sacrificed!

    But, it will never come to this. The oil "understanding" was broken by the Asians. More gold has been sold than can ever be covered! This market is not the same as the past. One day gold will start up and BIS will deal with it the only way possible!<<<<<

    >>>>>>Many wait for the next great bull market in gold to begin before they buy. Why buy now and lose interest or stock market gains? They will miss the greatest investment ever to come in ones lifetime! The powers of this world have already begun this motion. People of simple thought have but to buy physical gold and make low as the financial wars begin! You see, gold was cornered this year. It is done. No Central Bank will sell it's 50, 100, 200 million ozs gold when 600 million is needed! I ask you, how can currency price gold? Indeed, no price will work! You think any form of "paper gold" will stand this fire? Can we do battle with lions? When oil will not take currency without gold the havenots will not sit still!

    "When a thousand hungry lions fight over one scrap of food, small dogs should hide with whats in their belly".<<<<<<

    >>>>>>In this age of "digital currencies" it is impossible to see how fast the thoughts of people are shown as actions! Many will wait for markets to do what they have done in the past, "looking backward to see forward". Be known that most of the actions by the ultra large players is complete. When the change in direction of gold starts, it will be hyper fast! A good many will run to the US$ first, making that currency rise with gold and misleading much people. Before Christmas? I do not know.

    The Pacific Rim has begun a process that will not end. Much paper value will burn before this fire is done!

    Many gold stocks will rise with gold and most people will hold for gains. But they will never see then converted to value. If the gold markets lock before they reach $1,000 , all mining stocks will be consumed in the paper fire. A sad day for many.<<<<<<

    >>>>>>The world has changed and the gold market has changed with it. We are going back in time much further than many will accept. A time when men, such as I, will take what is yours! If you hold your value in a public way, it will be taxed or taken for the good of all. Such are the ways of extream times! <<<<<<