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  • sulith2001 sulith2001 Mar 13, 2004 8:27 AM Flag

    Papers Please?


    "I am a World War II fan, even though we should never have gotten into it. It has been called the "last good war'" and I have serious doubts about that. No war is a "good war." WWII was FDR's last ditch attempt to cure the depression, which the fed had gotten us into, by doing almost exactly what is happening now, and what happened in 2000. The bust in the year 2000 is not over yet, believe me. This may not be a "dead cat bounce," but it isn't at all healthy. Check latest stock prices if you are an unbeliever. Getting back to World War II: All the movies seem to have the wicked Nazis or other scum cornering the innocents, and saying in a strong grizzled voice, "Your papers please." It was the "papers" which identified the huddled, bewildered ones. "Papers" are the government's way of identifying everyone. Papers or numbers tell the story. Everyone now has to get a Social Security number when they are born. If that isn't the high road to a dictatorship, I don't know one. It is "papers please," or "Social Security number," or drivers license number, or whatever, which makes us little peas in the gigantic pod of the welfare, all powerful, hideous, state."

    Balance of essay:


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    • Jermarge,
      A lovely piece, thanks for posting it. I feel sorry for the author. He rightly accepts that religion is fairy tale and myth, but with statements like��

      << My atheistic philosophy had allowed me to lose my compassion for others.>>

      ��the author shows his or her total inability to handle the reality that there is nothing there. If a deity is necessary to force a person to be compassionate then that person is a truly pathetic individual.

    • That's right sulith ;)

      Cunning use of language to deceive.

    • TMY:

      Agree with the "sophistry" observation, but sophistry, by DEFINITION, is INaccurate.


    • That post sounds a little like a modern day Paul (or is it Saul)?

      I like this line:

      " I learned that religious debate wasn't as much about truth as it was about language and presentation."

      Sounds like Sophistry. And pretty accurate IMHO.

    • I hope you find some peace in your life brother for life without god is no life at all.
      It does not matter who your god is !!! For all rivers lead to the same ocean :)
      God gives Peace ... Reason ... Purpose ... Love ... Hope ... Life everyone who seeks it:)
      God is the left and the right, the up and the down, and everything in between :)
      We are all a small part of god and therefore a small part of each other. To hurt onother is to hurt hurt yourself ... To love onother is to love yourself. Take your peak ...
      And to tell you the truth, one does not need the bible or the coran or any other biblical book to find this kind of information.


      Peace ...

    • I recalled staring at a swarming mass of termites one sunny day, thinking that, from a comparative distance, there was little difference between them and us. I smashed a few dozen with my shoe and ground them into the dirt. What did it matter if these died? What did it matter if they all died? People died every day. The end result would always be death for both the individuals and, eventually, the species.

      Humanity had become nothing more to me than an organized network of molecules and enzymes. I viewed people as mere organisms going through their daily routines of metabolizing nutrients and expelling wastes, ovulating their eggs and ejaculating their semen. I knew the psychology of humans almost as well as their anatomies. The hidden things that pulled them this way and that were very evident to me. They were like guinea pigs, only more predictable, and my chief form of entertainment was to see how skillfully I could manipulate them. I knew that I was supposed to care about them, but I didn't. I couldn't. If mankind's goal was to alleviate its own suffering, a bullet to the head was more efficient and made more sense in my thinking than screwing around with medication or disease control.

      What was the point of prolonging any one life? What difference did it make if a girl didn't live to marry or her mother live to see it? Of what value were temporary emotional experiences? They were simply the biochemistry of the brain reacting to sensory input and, upon that individual's death, any remaining memory of that experience would be thrown away along with the person who had experienced it. My extreme point of view had reduced people into throwaway metabolic units; I had become as cold and indifferent as the logic that I exalted.

      My atheistic philosophy had allowed me to lose my compassion for others. I no longer had the ability to love anyone, not even myself. I had become apathetic to life itself. For years, I had been dead, but because I continued to walk and talk, I didn't know it.

      By: kopykock

      >>>>>> Very simple ideology: Line em up, And shoot em all.<<<<<<

    • The worst idiots were the Christians. I hated them because, in their ignorance of naturalism, they failed to see that there was no reason for the rest of the world to believe in their god, live by their standards or give a damn about what they had to say, yet there they were, acting as if they had a copyright on truth. Their pretentiousness sickened me, despite my being equally pretentious toward them. After all, I was justified in my pretentiousness! At least I could give logical reasons for not believing in the supernatural. I would challenge them to give reasons for believing in something that couldn't be seen and they would reply, "You can't see the wind but it's there." I would then try to explain to them that wind was created by differences in pressure and that there was plenty of scientific proof for the existence of wind but none for their god. Even the most intelligent Christians I knew had a difficult time articulating their reason for faith.

      Most of the explanations I heard rested on the Bible's authority. "The Bible says... the Bible says... the Bible says." Who (gives a f___; Kopycock) cared what the Bible said? I certainly didn't. "It's all a bunch of made up, superstitious baloney. Can't you see?" and I would then go into pagan origins, etc., and try to demonstrate that Jesus was a manufactured myth. I ended up knowing the Bible inside and out just to be able to debate against it.

      My anti-Christian arguments became my ultimate diversion to a hopeless life. I learned that religious debate wasn't as much about truth as it was about language and presentation. I began seeing flaws in my own logic while trying to demonstrate certain instances of Biblical errancy, but that didn't keep me on the bench. To justify my desire to destroy Christianity, I had to find reasons to discredit it. I railed against its hypocrisy, the behavior of its followers, the wars fought in its name and I questioned the motives of its bloody god and the religion's effective outcome. In short, I began seeing it as the supreme evil, despite the fact that my own view of moral relativism did not permit a logical defense of the concept of evil.

    • LMAO kopykock. I swear I "heard" Sam Kinison while reading that. He was a preacher at one time if I remember correctly.

    • By: flint5821

      This guy should have earned a prime spot on your ignore list Dana, what a waste, still trying to save souls...<<<<<

      There are some who have managed to obtain ignore list status in heaven.


    • By: kopykock
      Date: 03/15/04 12:46 pm

      Who gives a fuck what the bible says, I certainly don't.<<<<<<<

      Perhaps you should resign your priesthood then, as so many already have.


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