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  • president_strike president_strike Jul 15, 2005 9:01 PM Flag


    It was an education to see the boards, what is really in the minds of the people. We can't do anything right, $170 million FBI computer failure, it should have been a national prority. we are at war right. Space Shuttle? Nobody wants to join the Army, but they say they are patriotic? Oil refineries?

    Every naval base should have had a refinery built, protection and location. There are huge reserves of petroleum in North America, enought to power us for twenty years and be a major exporter.(snow recently stated he didn't realize the oil sands in canada had so much oil, it's makes saudi look empty. he's just a corporate yes man)

    We have coal fields which needed to be converted, we have tech, we need a Manhattan project.

    I am an expert on oil, I worked for the RailRoad commision in Texas, there is oil in the Gulf, deep water, we should have had pipelines, multiple pipelines out of Canada and Alaska.

    We need a national infrastructure build. Clinton didn't do shit. New Airports, new ports, new super highway, new super rail. and Al Gore discovered the inet, no, he opened us up to destruction.

    We need a nation service obligation, you don't want the United States Marines, fine, civilian conservation. It cost $50 million to put trees on a river bank to stop the mud, a regiment could have done it for peanuts. We need trees everywhere, what do the enviromentalist do, they burn houses and others plan a biological weapons death to man. We need trees trimed and scrub brush cleared, the amount of wood would house the entire world with plywood.

    We need to teach our youth nationhood, not momma and the fucking village hillery, we need them to BOND, SO THAT THEY CAN BE PROUD AND HAVE RESPECT.

    we need black men and white men walking hand in hand, we need rich man and poor man walking hand in hand, so that when THEIR time is finished, they will work togeather to build the world that America was all about in the first place. We could give them a two year community college scholarship when finished, and we could require that before they finish their three years they would have a REAL highschool diploma.

    I am tired of elitism, tired of cultural wars, tired of militacy, tired of the hate. We generate this shit all over the world and it's coming home eventually.

    I am your soldier, I stand for you.


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    • "I am an expert on oil, I worked for the RailRoad commision in Texas."

      That is a regulatory state government operation. I trust you gained your expertise in the the actual oilfield instead of thinking you got it working for state government.

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      • Actually, since you asked, out of my nine and half years of university education and I'm still learning, three years were in the petroleum engineering department at UT Austin I worked on maps at the Railroad Commission, plus, the reports of release of natural gas. In those days, natural gas wasn't important so it was pumped back in or flaired off, burned off, there are many toxic chemicals associated with petroleum exploration and production.

        One of my greatest achievements was the prediction of a production zone that many thought was dead, the Austin Chauk. I mentioned this to a friend and the next think I know there was major activity, honey oil that is, fine low sulfur oil.

        I wrote an essay a while back on the potential for oil discoveries in North America and two weeks later there was a major find in the west, enough to power the entire economy for a year if recovered at once.

        North America has oil and natural gas, a great deal is left, enough to power the economy for twenty to thirty years plus more than enough to return America to a major exporter of petroleum products if coal conversion was included in the mix. We just have to have the will and the faith. In geologist and petroleum departments, they teach the kids there's no more oil and gas here in the US or North America, that the big finds are over seas, that's BS.

        Canadian oil sands hold huge promise, Cally has many types of assets on and off shore. Deep Gulf drilling has major finds still to be made. If we really wanted to, then we could be a major oil power again. Coal conversion is an important development, the tech is there, but the will isn't. Coal to gas and liquid is real and could be a major asset to this nation. We don't think great, we just foam that we're great. Actions speak louder than words.

        Bio-mass, and sugar, corn should be mandated at 30% of all fuel and clean additive BS suspended now. Government stock piles of corn should be converted now. Cars burn cleaner and more complete with ethanoel.

        But refineries, what a joke, congress does nothing, it's a national emergency. every time we go to the pump we blame Bush. He's not the problem, his own people won't do what he says, they all have an agenda and it's not FOR AMERICA.

        Refineries should be built now on naval bases for security, the military needs fuel, secure fuel and the nation needs secure fuel without all the regulatory BS from state governments. Clean, closed systems, with pans built in to ground for protection of ground water is easy, we just have to have the will, the political will and moral resolve to be a great nation, instead of bickering over who said what.


    • Strike,

      I liked you more before you stepped onto that soapbox that you are on now. Give me a break!

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      • I liked you more before you stepped onto that soapbox that you are on now. Give me a break!
        If 30% of the American people can't make it pass the 9th grade, then people like you don't/can't stand an fight for a better America, the result is simple, we are doomed.

        It must be from the grass roots and it must be a "can do" movement for America by Americans, it can't be dictated from Washington, it hasn't worked and won't work. It must be from the people.

        A national service obligation should be a high priority, rich, semi-rich, upper middle class and working class, working poor, and poor should be made to march togeather for a national purpose. We need trees plants instead of tearing down the government, we need top soil, we need forest trimmed and scrub brush cut. We need to get back to our roots. But anyone who suggests such would be assinated by people like you, status quo couch potatoes etc. yes, it's too late, we will die. at least you will die togeather.


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