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  • sr122160 sr122160 Jul 16, 2005 10:00 AM Flag


    You are wrong about what I believe in. As a Libertarian, I support a 'grass roots' government. One whose primary function is national security and not one whose job is to steal from the citizens to line the pockets of the rich. One who believes that other countries have the right to self rule and therefore doesn't meddle in their affairs out of corporate greed. I believe that because the US government has been dealing off the bottom of the deck for so long that there are a lot of countries out there that are just fed up and sick of it and are going to try to form economic alliances with others who believe in real fair trade. I believe in a government that supports an honest money system that doesn't have a private company like the Federal Reserve System that has the license to steal by printing 'money' that is backed by nothing! I also believe that we need to get the banks out from running our country in the shadows. That was the biggest fear of our founding fathers and the premise of our constitution. I also believe that our constitution is a great document and that our elected officials and judges should follow it.

    That is it for me as I get off my soapbox. Have a great day.

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    • I agree with much of what you said, but my message was people not the banks etc. My idea is a 15% national sales tax on goods and services no matter your net worth, then the IRS is out of everyones hair. No income tax, no corporate income tax no VAT tax, just a plain old tax on consumption for ALL enitities. As for banking, I have said before, what country's congress would OK an 18% credit card etc. it is congress' fault and your fault, grass roots, you cry and piss and moan but are you willing to bust them in the head when they take the SPECIAL interest money, so don't come foaming at me when I try to make the nation better by having better citizens, citizens better than you. you sit on your sofa a couch potatoe and don't do shit, you attack me for trying to do something and attack me with some agenda that I haven't even discusssed. Yes, you attacked me when I was trying to fix the main poiint the main area, the people and their values, you're just a cynical ass hole that yells and bitchs like a bitch and does nothing.

      Fact I was talking about people, American people just like you. and what did I get, oh I'm on a soap box etc and get down etc bow your head etc. now you pop up like the ass hole cynical person you have become with taxes and banks which I haven't covered.

      Fact, a national sales tax by point of sale of all goods and services all this plastic and BS coming from offshore by multinationals. No income tax, no capital gains, no shorting, which country in the world allows shorting in such a dishonest soceity. The Asians don't allow it and who has heard of capital gains in a capitalist economy, the whole thing can be doen with a national sales tax that all have to pay at point of sale.

      As for the Federal Reserve, buddy I am well aware of that, this time around my friend Greenspan has done a number to you and as far as I 'm concerned this money has negative value, open market operations to soak of liquidity should be implememnted now, but when the bubble pops watch out.


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