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  • commander_strike commander_strike Sep 12, 2006 11:34 AM Flag

    The US is seen as the Terrorist.


    by the world because we stole the natural resources of the world from 1950-1979. When I was a kid the poverty rate was 25%, in the south it was 50%. The wealth you see today was because the USA gave money to dictators who suppressed their people and allowed US multinationals to take as much as they wanted. In the 80's Reagan deregulated the US economy which allowed corporations to charge what they wanted. Before that many inductries were regulated for the common good. Next the inet hype and the corresponding 8 trillion in losses from the market crash. Now, well lets say, the Bush admin has borrowed from the world which has artificially pumped up the US economy. When I say it is the Jews, I am for real. WE the American people are in deep zhit and 2% of the population with thier dual citizenship points the entire strategic focus toward our destruction and none can stand up nad say they are wrong.

    One trillion to Israel since Camp David accord and they still have their hand out.

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