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  • irishcoffeeahoe irishcoffeeahoe Dec 17, 2006 4:48 PM Flag

    Tax The Church


    You christian cunts want to pray to your little pulp fiction jew god as panacea for being a dumbass sheep,be my guest.

    But you don't deserve my tax dollars to do it.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • I agree that something should be done.It is however a hard bridge to cross because of the vested interests to change.There are the tax free foundations that should be considered also.

    • I would agree to the elimination of the church's tax exemptions.

      I favor a flat tax of 8 or 10%, no exemptions or deductions of any kind for anybody. You could do your taxes on a post card.

      My second choice would be a sales tax, eliminating the Federal income tax altogether.

      All that I ever wanted on this board was rational discourse. But if you are attacked and lied about, you tend to respond in kind.

    • The bottom line is the Churches should be taxed like any other business and there should be no tax deductions for religious contributions.

      The boards shall remain free of censure.

      Sometimes drooy will be discussed when neccessary.

      That's my

    • Putting your rhetoric aside, obscenities on this board will get you booted. Rightfully so.

      Since you live in the same sewer that Kopy lives in, you relish the disgusting obscenities. You remind me of a dog rolling in its own excrement. You like it.

      Its amusing that you describe Kopy as one of the most literate posters on this board. He posts links and he mouths obscenities. He has never had an original thought in his life. We could easily do without him.

      And we could easily do without you, since you only repeat the same things over and over again. You hate the war. You hate America. You hate religion. Those themes, and your accusations and name callings, are all that you have.

    • There are, indeed, different kinds of obscenity.

      Defending our country and its way of life is not obscene.
      Whats really obscene is your support of the enemy and your absolute lack of patriotism.

      And, suporting the war won't get you thrown off this board.

      According to rules posted by Yahoo, the writing of foul obscenities will get you booted.

    • I was just trying to explain to you why Yahoo will kick you off this board if your persist in your obscenities.

      You can deny it all you want, but your language is unacceptable anywhere, except in your sewer.

    • Can't be serious about your vulgar obscenities?

      You think that your vulgarities are acceptable among normal people?

      You DO live in a sewer, don't you?

    • Are you pretending to not know the difference between ordinary profanity and disgusting obscenities? Yahoo will tolerate a few cuss words, but they will not tolerate gross obscenities.

      Well, maybe you don't know the difference. Your mind is a sewer and you live in a sewer, so perhaps you think that everyone else does too.

      They don't.

      Actually, I think that you know just what you are doing. Its just that you get your kicks out of putting these disgusting things in print.

    • Projection is a Jungian term pale.It means that when you see qualities that you don't like in yourelf, you project them on to other people. So the fact that you claim cat whatever is a reincarnation of i3i is merely a projection for all the monikers you are posting from.

      Consider this a free lesson. Now, what type of 2 bit shrink did your parents get for you, for writing all that dirty poetry. eEquiring minds would like to know.

    • more projection pale.denial denial denial.

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