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  • pu_2664 pu_2664 Dec 22, 2006 10:08 PM Flag

    all this "lame duck" nonsense

    Since shortly after Bush's reelection in 2004, his critics on the left have been hellbent on dubbing President Bush a "lame duck president." Quite a ridiculous label considering he had just won with a majority of the vote (something Clinton never did) and received more votes than any presidential candidate in history.

    While some definitions "lame duck" apply the label to any elected official serving the remainder of his last term when he is no longer eligible to run for reelection, generally speaking it refers to elected officials who still serve post-defeat, hence the reason for the 20th Amendment, which called for each new president and congressmen to take office in January as opposed to March.

    So, contrary to the belitting label applied to President Bush by liberals in denial, he is not a lame duck. The fact they were so desperate to apply such a description to Bush immediately after his reelection shows just how desperate the left is to attack him.

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    • YES, to the contrary, no lame duck at all. I'm just getting STARTED. Even the hawks will be dumbfounded at how truly EPIC 2007 & 2008 are gonna be. Pale is only partially right, we ARE going down in flames. But I'm gonna make damn sure I take 90% of my enemies down in the process. I will be remembered as the first NUCLEAR NAPOLEON. enjoy your LAST Christmas outside the GULAG. The GOP faithful get to be Blackwell KAPOS @ $65K a year. And I'm gonna let EVERY Mexican in the USA and evangelize the hell out of them. I don't want to wind up like England or France, full of RAGHEADS torching cars and covered in HAIR. The mexicans believe in JESUS, work like crazy, spend money and have children every year. PERFECT. they will delay the inevitable maybe 15 years. Enough time to REPEAL the rest of the Constitution. We're already writing the NEO-constitution:

      Article 1: F--- YOU
      Article 2: F--- THEM
      Article 3: Repeat