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  • pu_2664 pu_2664 Jan 4, 2007 10:59 AM Flag


    Iran's involvement in iraq is an act of war against iraq, the United States and all members of the Coalition. The case for war with Iran is as airtight as you can get without a "Pearl Harbor" sort of attack on the United States. Whether we wish to recognise the state of war which exists between the United States and iran remains to be seen - one day we will have to face up to it, and we might as well face up to it now.

    Restraint, patience, diplomacy and hope for a new iran have proved ineffective - iran's government is bent on a full scale war against the United States, and we need to deal with this harsh reality.

    None of us know what President Bush will propose, but very seen (and, hopefully, by next week) we must start preparing the nation and our military for war with iran. An increase in troop levels in iraq serves the dual purpose of curbing the iranian-sponsored terrorist violence, as well as providing larger striking forces in theater for any possible military action against iran. I still hope we can avoid invading iran - my preferred course of action is still blockade and bombing military sites, but it might prove necessary to push iranian forces back from the Iran/Iraq border by 50 or 100 miles in order to provide a buffer against iranian infiltration of iraq.

    One thing certain, the war is on - and the longer we wait to start fighting it, the worse it will be when we are finally forced into the battle.

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