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  • commander_strlke commander_strlke Feb 12, 2007 7:03 PM Flag



    we will win.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Sometimes i realy have to read the reply 2/3 times because i don't believe what i am reading the first

    • But to say that there have been 650,000 deaths in Iraq is so grossly inaccurate, that it destroys any credibility.
      No one knows, how many people died for shure of Iraq nationality.Whether it is 65000 or 600000 thousand,it is way too many and like i asked,for what??????

    • You are prone to exaggeration and irrationality.

      I did not say that only a few Iraquis died. You ask me to prove a statement that I did not make. Thats the old "straw man" technique.

      You are the one who brought a preposterous claim of 650,000 Iraqui deaths. Its up to you to prove it.

      You admit the inappropriateness of such a claim when you say, "You might just as well ask me to prove that 6,000,000 Jews died in the Holocaust"

      You say that good records were not kept of Iraqui deaths, yet you support the claim of 650,000 deaths.

      That is a lot of dead bodies? Where are they?

    • You remind me of the man who said that the moon is made of green cheese. And, he said, you can't prove that it isn't.

      No one tried to disprove such a preposterous statement. But the man did not have much of an audience, speaking from his padded cell.

      You remember the man. He was in the cell right next to yours.

    • Their stupidity is coming back at them.

    • To do what you propose would have to be preceded by a radical restructing of US finances. We would have to run a trade surplus with the rest of the world. Our gubment would have to be cut in half....maybe more. The military would have to be completely dismantled [a good idea].

      Your going a little overboard with the military.A 90% cut would be fine if we were talking about defence.The finances need restructuring.WE don't need derivatives on derivatives and the fed playing their games.The goverment should be cut into a lot less than half.I agree with copy but they will never do that voluntarly.They will play this game until they lose.IMHO

      Bretton Woods was a de facto AU standard


      It was an AU standard country to country but most countries did not use it as such for a long time.When the French realized how much money the Fed was printing they started to convert and when the pressure on the gold supply was too geat,Nixon was talked into closing the gold window.Then the real inflation started because of our Nam war paper and the oil price hike and other political social acts.The Arabs woke up also.

    • LMAO,I should have said the brakes would have to be put on the presses in some relation to the gold supply.Just wishful thinking anyways.The gold standard worked fine for many years.When people or countries got too stupid, they paid and life went on with very little inflation.The great slow thief.What the price should be of gold, i shure don't know but it would have to be high enough to cover all the Euro dollars and all the internal currency and goverment IOU's.As i said some of the gold would most likely leave or be put in a different countries hole at the depository.Once they could not run the presses the price would not matter that much as long as the currencies were redeamable in gold at a set value that was much higher than intristic value.At least you would have some bench mark and disapline over a countrys monetary printing presses.imho

    • How much Gold is in Fort Knox Garson
      You covered it perty good.We are in for interesting times.If the original gold is still there it would probably be enough.Just needs some radical upward revaluation and then we loose some.JMHO.Some would not be happy LOL.

    • Wars have always been bad for an economy
      That's part of the big problem. For most wars, the country overall made money.Nam and this Iraq fiasco is costing the country overall big time.We are still paying for Nam.

    • You need a history lesson.LMAO

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