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  • rockyinvestor rockyinvestor Nov 24, 2007 9:17 PM Flag

    God Hates Your Guts

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    • this is why my god is Zues. or Zeus. i forget the spelling but the point is. PHUCK YOU ALL MTFers all IMHO only as my GOD has LIGHTENING BOLTS to shove up your lame ahoes. all IMHO only of course and i mean no harm.

    • Drop dead.

    • "If I thought I had the power to do something I would be fighting Bush right now."

      Collectively we have the power. The power does not come alive until enough people wake up from their slumber.

      Do you come in contact with many people? Family/loved ones? Over the last five years or so have you made a dedicated effort to get them to wake up to just the monetary scam which helps get one in on the ground floor understanding the why behind so many wars and suffering? Have you offered them books/info from websites in a sincere desire to get them to perhaps see for themselves be examining the abundant evidence which puts one on the road to truth? If you have, then you are doing something. One person at a time my sound simplistic, but that is what it comes down to. Currently there is a collective consciousness of apathy which leads to ignorance and gullibility. When enough people wake up from their slumber, things will change.

      We have rapidly digressed to the point where even if enough people wake up, it will still be a monumental battle. The cabal has come too far since 63 to give up anything without trying to cripple constitutional resistance.

      Do you understand the reality of zionism and men like John Hagee, Pat Robertson, and so many other wolves in sheep clothing? Are we already under the Noahide Laws? What are they?

      Good and evil? What is the origin of good and evil?

      The satanic cabal is arrogantly awaiting to launch into the next phase. Would you accept and serve an anti-Christ figure in order to "survive" and avoid imprisonment or death?

    • I've never obeyed anybody my entire life. I've always been the "master" of my destiny and the "master" at work. I've always been fair and just in my dealings with people.
      As far as the system goes, it is too late to do anything. If you knew any history you would realize it was just the rich colonials trying to get richer..that's all. They didn't want to pay England her fair share of taxes. And by the way, England spent a lot of money bailing out america in the French and Indian War but then again you know nothing about truth and reality.
      Why werent you in Washington protesting against what Bush did to this country? You and the youth are the wussies. If I thought I had the power to do something I would be fighting Bush right now. But I don't believe I can do anything. BUT YOU DO. SO WHY ARENT YOU FIGHTING BUSH?
      No, you are waiting for the day when the mob takes over.
      You are the wuss.

    • "The system is the system and there aint much we can do about it. "

      You sound like a big wus burmudy. You would have been a supporter of King George back in the colonial days for sure. Yep, can't fight the King. Might as well do what he says. The King says bow and turn in your long rifles. We better obey or we will be in big trouble. Wussies don't like to read my posts, so I'm glad you don't. Is the truth and reality too much for you to handle?

      Guess what. There is nowhere you can go to run and hide from what your masters have in store for you.

    • I'll have to try those authors.

    • I actually liked Borgnine. He was a funny actor. I watched Mchales Navy as a kid.
      Don't watch any TV any more. It's all crap accept for the learning channels. Can't even find a good modern writer. I got so bored I even wrote a novel to amuse myslef "no wife no kids no plan" but it didn't sell too many copies. The truth never does.

    • The problem with these "artists" is that they sell out after they have made it. The only musicians I like are the ones that died young.

    • I just hate when famous people refuse to give their autographs, not that I would ask. I detest celebrities.

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