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  • gunthernow gunthernow Mar 13, 2009 6:06 PM Flag

    Do you blabberposters even OWN DROOY?

    I cannot figure out what is the problem with the constant OT posters on this board.

    DROOY is making me mad money, and has been one of the BEST stocks I have ever owned. Ever....

    I bought back the shares I sold a few days ago at 9.

    Begrudgingly paid $9.40 near the end of the day... and I thought, "Oh, well, POG is holding at 930, and NEXT week it may head back to 950.

    So I bought DROOY back today expecting nothin' to happen, or maybe even lose a few cents. So be it.

    Lo and behold...DROOY leaps from 9.40s to high 9.60s!

    I'm telling you peeps...Smart Money is ON to DROOY.

    It's a very good investment right now. And acting very, very, strong.

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    • Heh hee, and yes for full disclosure:
      I do own shares of DROOY,
      and yes I'm 'bullish' on it's future. :)

    • Uiefear,

      <<regular posters on this board have been watching & sometimes owning DRD Gold>>

      Watching? and SOMETIMES owning (<---riiiight) the stock.

      LMAO...That's what I figured.

      Well, at least you do sometimes post about gold and relevant market conditions and those posts are often good.

    • You know,

      If you OT Blabbermouths even owned 500 shares (let's say for example) of DROOY over the past 10 would have made a thousand dollars easy. Yet, not a peep out of any of you pertaining to DROOY as a stock. Hmmmmmmmmm.

      Since I seem to be the only person on this entire board so happy about DROOY, I'm thinking you guys don't even own the stock.

      I bet I'm right.