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  • forgiven_squnk forgiven_squnk Aug 6, 2009 5:11 PM Flag

    The latest copy of Popular Menchanics

    The Jewish faith, as shown by 2000 years of tragic history, is nationally and socially self-segregating. The culture of Judaism is reinforced by belief and prejudice, and sets the Jew apart and invites his being set apart.

    The exclusionary and prejudicial nature of Modern Judaism has transformed the Jews of the Diaspora into a pseudo-nation without any of the attributes and privileges of nationhood. Modern Judaism - with its heavy emphasis on aggressive/militant Zionism - automatically creates physical and cultural ghettoes.

    The pseudo-nation of the Jewish Diaspora is held together loosely by a system of traditional cultural beliefs and racial prejudice, based upon racial and historical references cited as fact (in the Bible and elsewhere) which are imaginary or illusory.