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  • bibis_thebest bibis_thebest May 27, 2010 4:03 PM Flag

    rocky the true racist here, read why.


    always the victim, always hated, always reviled. and always discriminated against.

    Yes, the Zios are so unfairly treated they must hang together to ensure that their minority agenda comes first.

    in their mind always unfairly treated, never given equal opportunity... simply because for being z, or at least in rocky's own twisted psyche.

    happy in their perpetual victimhood (because the victim label justifies their phony raison d'etre and their perpetual deceit) most of all, zios deceive themselves that violence and aggression can be perpetually justified, where it concerns their oft-repeated "right to exist"..

    "God's chosen people" how racist is that?
    the Likudnik speaks of "anti-semitisM" when the most racist apartheid entity on earth IS Israel. just look at the Zionist's obscene tantrums and violent intolerance of anyone who questions his totalitarian zionist views.

    Israel: a nation founded in violence, enforced by violence, and maintained through violence... and deceit.

    No wonder these "religious" messianic zionist nuts are steeped in bible prophecy, because it is their ONLY comfort zone in a world which they perceive as totally hostile to them - except for the US congress of course, which the Zionists have purchased with their ill-gotten gains.

    Zionists claim the moral high ground in the media and their self-righteous invocation of the german holocaust, but that event is more distant in history than the Jewish holocaust of Palestinians from 1948 going forward.

    hypocrite Khazar has deceived and danced his hideous dance of perpetual victimhood since the dawn of time. America said "let's help the poor J" after WW2, never realizing they were aiding and abetting a murderer of his own kind and more ruthless than any transylvanian blood sucker who sucks the former USA dry to the tune of taxpayer billions every year.

    And to the point where Nazi Israel is the fourth largest merchant of death today. Besides Iran contra, wars in the Sudan, Eritrea, and even Caucasus Georgia, the no-ethics Israeli arms dealer has supplied arms to nearly every repressive regime in the world. So who is the true "victim" here? Certainly not the wealthy zionist arms dealer!

    meanwhile the little Nazi JDL crows about zionist manipulation of the stock market and masturbates daily on this board, then the skull capped semen stain has the NERVE to whine about "anti-semitism"!


    This topic is deleted.
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