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  • ryanjfxx4 ryanjfxx4 Feb 11, 2011 2:40 PM Flag

    How is this company NOT in the Billions of $$'s market cap?

    This technology is a game changer.....when and how long until complete fruition?

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    • this must be way under the radar...even after the PR there was very little volume. Glad to be in early!!

    • "This technology is a game changer" Agreed. Years ago I worked in an industry that produced a lot wastewater that had to be treated to "state standards" before being disposed of. We trucked it off to a neighboring town's treatment plant that ran it through their process and then it eventually went into the Atlantic Ocean. Even though that wastewater went through two processes it was still disturbing what was going into the ocean. NanoClear does seem to be a game changer, it can keep a lot of bad things from finding their way into the environment.

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      • There are so many applications for their technology that I am not selling until I have a 7 figure profit from my investment. I am just fine letting this sit and I am not even tempted with minor profits.
        Why someone who has gone to the trouble of searching out a company like this would be willing to take a $0.30/share profit is beyond me.
        I have been accumulating over 82k shares in one of our ROTH accounts. If I lose it all, this is not going to keep me from retirement goals BUT a $1,200,000 profit ($15/share) in a ROTH account just might have some impact on the model year of Porsche I drive in my retirement.
        Dais is game changer technology at a time the world needs it. If you believe in Dais enough to invest at all, relax. Put it away and let the real value run over time. When the rest of the world wakes up to Dais, you will be in a position to make them pay you dearly for the privilege of owning some of your shares shares.
        I am old enough to remember recall the results of investments in micro-cap companies like Dell, Microsoft, HP, Sun Micro Systems, Genzyme, and oh...a little start up that almost no one liked called Apple Computer when they were at a similar point in their cycle.
        Happy Investing....

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